He loves you when…

You know he loves you when…

inkinsideout-anna castillo-motherhood-he loves you when-may-2013

~ he has a meal waiting for you after a long day.

~ he lets you sleep in while he makes you and the kids breakfast.

~ he listens to you sing the entire Rihanna record aloud while driving in the car and never says how horrible you sound.

~ remembers your favorite flowers and always has a bouquet of them in the house.

~ he puts up with your ADD, OCD, ADHD, ABCDEFG… combo personality and somehow has a way of calming you down completely curing you of any alphabet disorder.

~ he grabs the massage oil and lotion to rub your back before you even say how bad it hurts.

~ he gives you the best advise on how to deal with your work and business ventures.

~ he is positive and optimistic about any obstacle in your way and encourages you to push through it.  Believing in you 100%!

~ he lets you be you!

You love him for all these qualities and more!  The biggest thing is making sure he is aware how much you love him and why!  Not to mention making sure you APPRECIATE everything he does!

XOXO Besos,

Anna Castillo

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