Do I Need a Tetanus Shot for That?

I was hanging out at my local bar, and my favorite, and very sexy might I add, bartender Jenny asked me if I wanted to try a little something different off my usual Jack and Coke.  Being the adventurous  type, I of course said yes.  Jenny proceeds to mix up a Rusty Navel which was 1 oz of Amaretto and 1 oz of Tequila.  She threw those in a shaker with ice, then threw it in a rocks glass and served it up.  Can I just way WOW!!  What a drink!  Needless to say I stumbled back to my apartment.  I told Anna about this drink and she mixed it up and shot me the photos.  Of course, she too was unable to post after having a few!  Here is the recipe again:

1 oz Tequila (silver)inkinsideout-the ink intern-food and drink-do i need a tetanus shot for that-may-2013

1 oz Amaretto

Mix in shaker with Ice

Serve in rocks glass over ice




Have fun, drink responsibly, and let me know what you think.


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