Eat Fresh: My Meal Delivery

inkinsideout-anna castillo-food and drink-eat fresh: my meal delivery-may-2013

My dear fashion/style expert and amazingly beautiful friend Jess Zaino (JZ) shared a post Gwyneth shared on goop promoting a few of her favorite meal delivery services. And while a $60 all vegan diet may be too rich for our blood, I was also intrigued. Not because of her selections, but in comparison to my own. See, JZ recently got married and as any Bride in training knows, you have to work it, girl. Three months in advance, a Bride-to-be will often strip away all sugar, fat and white foods in an attempt to lose as much weight for a day of, everlasting, perfect picture. She was no exception. And working a full time, ’round the clock job to produce a popular food television show with the world’s most famous Chefs and their food presented deliciously around craft service, did not do her body good. JZ gave the weekly meetings and a frozen food pick up at Jenny Craig a go, but her attempt at healthy eating was lost on a bite of Mario’s pasta dish here or Carla’s decadent dessert there. She felt as though she needed help. Enter The Fresh Diet.  She first learned of The Fresh Diet while skimming The World According to Gayle in Oprah Magazine. It was divine intervention, with perfect timing at her three month to the wedding mark, plus a 20% discount, plus the Oprah stamp of approval. She was all in. Dedicated. Like Rocky Balboa. The Fresh Diet, originally conceived in Florida by a Le Cordon Bleu Chef, delivers fresh food daily to your doorstep, nationwide. JZ enjoyed logging in and choosing her meal, always prepared with simple and fresh ingredients. She expressed she especially loved the Ricotta Creme Crepes, Dark Chocolate dipped Macaroons, and any and all Wraps and Burgers.

inkinsideout-anna castillo-food and drink-eat fresh: my meal delivery-may-2013

Hmmmm!  Think this may have to be a “must try” adventure for me as well!
JZ is now happily married as of last weekend and is 10 pounds lighter than when she started the diet.  Here is her perfect photo. And post wedding, while she should be cooking for her new Husband, she has opted for them to get delivery, of the easy, and healthy Fresh Diet kind.

XOXO Besos,

Anna Castillo

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