A Key to Understanding Men?!

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Sisters, I may have made a break through!  There I was hanging out with my boyfriend this weekend after a long day of working at his parent’s house doing gardening and little outdoor projects.  Aaron is so impatient and antsy, everything has to be done right away and if he is sitting still, something is not getting done.  And let me tell you something, if it doesn’t go his way…..so begins the “Triple T’s”!  What are the triple T”s you ask….Temper Tantrum Time!  Yes, just like a little kid who doesn’t get the toy at the store!

So I decided to dig deeper, discuss this issue or emotional dilemma I must face whenever things don’t go his way.  If this is to last, I have to understand what causes this and either hope to change it, or prevent the cause of it.  I asked Aaron why does he get like this, why the drastic mood swing, near bipolar personality.  Girls, your not gonna believe what happened next!

Aaron begins to tell me that he feels he has to take care of me, ensure everything is perfect for me, even if it involves me in that equation.  He feels that if there is something to do that will benefit me or make me feel better he has to do it and do it right away.  Why right away I asked.  His response, so he can spend more time with me, loving me, caressing me, treating me like the princess I am.  WOW!

I had to ask why he gets so pouty, so childish.  He tells me that he knows this is the only way I will notice he is unhappy, not satisfied with the way current events are going.  I told him, he only needs to relax and not worry about getting things done on his schedule.  He told me he is going to work on it.  My response was I will love him no matter how fast or slow something gets done, I love him for thinking of me and wanting that time, he doesn’t have to revert to the Triple T’s!

Needless to say, this week has been great, no Triple T’s, a more relaxes and laid back Aaron, and the “love” has flowed.  The lesson learned…..communication is key in any relationship and will help the love flourish and grow between two people.  I love this guy, like no other!  I know he is right for me and I him.  I hope you all can cherish the love of your man, communicate, and help prevent the “Triple T’s” from setting in!

Good luck and happy loving,


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