Ohhhh, My Omelet!!

inkinsideout-the ink intern-food and drink-ohhh my omelet!-may-2013Here I am sitting in NYC visiting my sister who is in culinary school.  I roll out of bed early to get breakfast before heading to her tiny apartment.  Now when I say tiny, I mean it was built like an 8 year old’s tree house.  First, you all should know, this guy doesn’t like to get out of bed before at least 10:00 am when he’s off.  Second, I rarely get to see my sister because of our class schedules, so I can’t be selfish and need to get a move on.  What happened next was a thing of fairytales!
The chef at the hotel places in front of me one of the most magnificent plated edible objects I have ever seen. The omelet you see before you!  She threw on two pancakes and warm syrup for good measure.  Hell, who am I to argue, I was hungry, and quiet frankly in a food trance!  So after hastily snapping a photo, I grab my fork and tear into this thing like a crazed lunatic. After licking my plate clean and finally taking a breath, I asked her what was in it, I couldn’t taste the ingredients, only the deliciousness.
She tells me: 4 eggs, mushrooms, bacon, ham, tomatoes, and spinach. Here is how it all comes together:
Start by cooking some of your favorite bacon. Now in a pan, sauté your diced tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, ham, and precooked bacon.  When your spinach is cooked, toss in your eggs. Let it cook till the eggs are cooked, not burned, on the bottom.  Fold this beautiful contraption over and serve.
Stand back as the recipient feverishly devours their omelet. Beware of possessive, food protective behavior, flying forks, and a final expression of complete satisfaction.
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