Blue Wedge!

I have had a stressful last 6 months.  I have changed my life for the betterment of myself and my daughter.  But, I have also caused myself to gain a few pounds!  I am getting settled now and need to get back on track! First, change what I am eating!  Eat cleaner more healthy foods and NO EATING OUT!  Here is one of my favorite salads!  I add a bit of low fat blue cheese dressing and dig in! YUMMO!

inkinsideout-anna castillo-food and drink-blue wedge-may-2013

Make sure your lettuce is very cold. Pull it from the fridge just before serving and work quickly to get it on the table really cold. The salad is gorgeously delicious this way. Remove the root end from the bottom of the head of lettuce. Slice the lettuce half, then into 4-6 wedges (depending on your preferred size). Drizzle with homemade Smoky Bleu Cheese Dressing, and top with your favorite toppings (I like all of the above together for the ultimate wedge sandwich).Wedged Salad:

Iceberg Wedge Salad
1 head Iceberg lettuce, well cleaned
Diced tomatoes
Chopped scallions
Pecan Pieces
Bacon Bits
Panko Breadcrumbs
Cubed Avocado

XOXO  Besos,

Anna Castillo

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