What Makes the Rain so Mesmerizing?

inkinsideout-amber the intern-fashion and beauty-what makes the rain so mesmerizing-may-2013

It’s raining out now, the raindrops race down my window, the wind whisks the branches of the nearby tree back and forth. I’m sitting on my couch with a delicious tea, cuddled in my favorite lounge pants and Aaron’s T-shirt.  He’s at work this rainy day, and I sit…. alone…. on the couch…. gazing at the water as it falls from the sky.

Why is this rain so memorizing?  What makes us sit and stare?  Why do we ponder, wonder, and drift off into memories of old and thoughts of the future?  I think it has everything to do with God’s plan.  We can’t control most of the things that He throws at us, therefore, we have to accept it, roll with it, and embrace it.  That makes us think about the bigger picture, what does he have in store for me, why did he make those tings in the past happen.

It’s really no sense in trying to figure it out, just accept it, really…. love it!  I think about how I met Aaron, his laugh, his quick wit, and his unbelievable ability to love.  I thank God for him, us, our relationship.  The rain still falls, sipping, gazing, I appreciate what God has given me in this wonderful man.

Today, I woke up sad and groggy, not a big fan of the rain.  Aaron immediately noticed it, reminded me of some of our funny antics, my silly sayings, and made me feel so much better.  Before he left he told me how much I mean to him, how grateful he is I am in his life, and how when he got home he was going to sweep me off my feet a give me the biggest kiss and the tightest hug.

inkinsideout-amber the intern-fashion and beauty-what makes the rain so mesmerizing-may-2013

Watching the trees, their limbs hugging one another as they sway side to side, I have something to look forward to.  My day was brightened, my sadness washed away like the dust on the window by the rain.  Why does this rain make us think, so intently, so in depth?  Some say it is the tears of the angels, some say it is God crying.  Regardless, it truly is a beautiful thing.  Just as life, we tend to take for granted.  That includes those we love, what we posses, and what God intends for us to have.

Enjoy the rain the next time it races down the window.

Embrace the love you share with your significant other, your children, and your family.

And more importantly, BELIEVE!

Have a wonderful evening everyone,


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