It’s Like I Have a Cloud in my Pants!

inkinsideout-the ink intern-mens corner-its like i have a cloud in my pants-may-2013Gentlemen, and yes…. Ladies!  I have found the most glories invention known to mankind.  Now this could get a little sensitive, “touching” on some key places that some folks don’t even like to discuss.  We will go where most have no gone before…his nether regions!  Yes, Yes, you get your feminine care products, your makeup, and your purses ladies.  Now, we men have taken all of these and rolled them into one product.  Happy Junk Fresh Balls!  This 3 oz. tube of magic is only $14.00, yes, it is a bit on the pricey side, but value versus dividends paid…. CHEAP!!

So I took this stuff off the shelf of my local drugstore, paid for it, got home and read.  This was early in the morning and I had a day of outdoor activities planned.  Previous outings have taught me to better prepare for the sweaty activities to come.   Squeezing this liquid concoction out of the tube I immediately thought to myself, this is not going to work, I foresee a mess.  As I lathered it around the “areas of concern” it began to dry out, become a powder.  Viola, abra cadabra, miracles in the making!  I pulled up the trousers and off I went.  Hiking, running, moving and shaking all day and what had to happen next?  NOTHING!  Absolutely nothing!  No chaffing, no dryness, no “swampiness”, pure happiness!

So men, ladies, those in need; go grab a tube of Happy Junk Fresh Balls and enjoy life, be free, have fun again!  Men, this is the male care product, “makeup”, and a little cloud for your manhood!

To being “swamp free”!


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