Kidnapped by the Devil!!

Sorry everyone for being absent of my duties the last few days.  It seems I was kidnapped by the Devil himself.  So what happened was…..I went out to my usual drinking hole and again was teased to try something new.  Just like an idiot, I say, “Hell yeah, hook it up!”  I don’t remember much after that!  Sitting at the bar drinking this red-ish looking drink that tasted all so good, refreshing, and exciting.  After a second one, the only things I remember is walking sideways, eating Lunchables like a refuge, taking a couple of aspirin, then barely collapsing in the bed, nearly missed it!!

After waking up LATE (like 3 in the afternoon) I put my local Chipotle out of business by eating everything on the menu.  Returned home and gazed at the TV for hours (no idea what was even on) until I fell asleep again.  I got enough courage the next day to return to the bar and ask Jessica what the hell she poisoned me with.  After getting off the floor from laughing so hard, she told me it was “The Zombie Maker”.  Well NO SHIT!!

inkinsideout-the ink intern-food and drink-kidnapped by the devil-May-2013

inkinsideout-the ink intern-food and drink-kidnapped by the devil-May-2013The contents of this thing is as follows:

2 oz of Patron

2 oz of Amaretto

2 oz of Diet Cranberry

Mix contents in shaker with ice and shake

Serve in a high ball glass and garnish with strawberry

(I was out of strawberries so I used a lime)

Make sure you Will is complete and you leave a note!  Enjoy!!


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