Go! Go! Stop!

This weekend I decided to take time for me. With all the demands of my work life and business I needed a moment to reconnect!  I live on a lake now and I must say…I now realize what I have been missing in life.  I am absolutely in love with my new space and its surroundings.  Soon I will show you some home decor pics on how I made this modern yet vintage piece of heaven our own!

ink inside out-anna castillo-beauty-go! go! stop!-June 2013


Today I took an hour to just sit and watch the many birds and animals surrounding us.  In today’s society it’s all about getting where you have to get as soon as you can get there.  Making sure your work lives up to the expectations of others and dealing with the repercussions when it doesn’t is all we do anymore.  This week, I reached my limit!  I came home Friday night, sat down with Livi and we got a game plan for OUR weekend!  Today, I realized just how much I need MY TIME, enjoy my daughter, and all the love we share.  My little Livi has spent some of her time building her new Etsy store and the two of us enjoyed the amazing weather and remarkable sunset.

ink inside out-anna castillo-beauty-go! go! stop!-June 2013


Tomorrow I will be starting a hardcore diet and exercise.  This will include yoga once a week on the deck, crossfit, running and eating very low calorie foods.  I hope you will follow and join in!

XOXO besos,

Anna Castillo

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