When is the Water Too High?

When is the Water Too High?

Guys, look, we all want to be hip, in style, trend setting; but if you aren’t careful, you’ll find yourself the butt of many a joke and Instagram photos tagging you as #WTF!

I tool around the city through the week and see the businessmen, the yuppies, the wannabees, all with their own style, or their attempt at mimicking what they saw in a magazine, catalog, or television show.  I have taken their photos, tagged them with the usual #WTF and moved on.  Now….my photo album is full, time to address the issue.  Ladies, this goes for you too, DO NOT let your man walk out of the house with these common errors as it is a direct reflection on you as well!  Yes it is, I know you are but what am I?!  Whatever!

So without further ado, the trends to watch out for!

When you wear your slacks men, you need to wear them with a “full break”, or fold/crease around the ankle area.  This break will cover the top part of the shoe for a business professional and classic look.  It says, “I’m here, and we do it my way!”


Our next look is more of the “no break” look, which rests just on top of you shoe.  This look has seemed to taken over and has become the more predominant look of the time for most young business professionals.  No break is o.k. if you have the right pants and shoes, and of course socks.  This is a sleek and conservative look which means, “I’m stylish, get the job done, and do it with swag”.  This look signifies work with am ample amount of play.

 inkinsideout-theinkintern-menscorner-whenisthewatertoohigh-august-2013Now, to the other extreme!  This is the way too much break.  The look that screams, “I’m to sloppy for these pants too sloppy for these pants and yes it’s true!”.  Right said Fred would so, “Wrong wear Ted”!  If you can’t find the pants to fit you just right, then spend the $10 extra bucks to get them tailored with a slight break.  Too much break screams sloppy work ethic, I just don’t care and threw something on, or you just don’t care.  , more play; I’m too cheap to get new pants; or even, “this look is so bad ass” which……IT’S NOT!!  As Chris Berman would say, “C’Mon MAN!!”


No guys, get out there and make me proud!  Get those pants hemmed up, extended, buy new ones, simply, “Fix yo self!”.  Take care!


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