2013 VMA Fashion and Performance Slam Dunk

What a night!  The VMAs, good friends, good drinks, and what a show! I recently posted about Bruno Mars and his stellar performance in his signature Fedora, still impressed, not doubting that.  But, I have to give the overall props to our boy, JT, Justin Timberlake with his sleek fashion sense and the fifteen-minute performance, which seemed like an eternity in a time capsule.  His style and grace last night was a classy way to end the show especially after the Miley Cyrus sexual assault!

When JT took to the stage with the old crew, ‘NSYNC which for those less savvy consist of J.C. Chasez, Lance Bass, Chris Kirkpatrick and Joey Fatone.  Not being mean here, but the boys put on some weight and at one point I was worried someone may pass out!  Even comedian Kevin Hart made a few jokes about the heavier less mobile ‘NSYNC members.  The group was last together on the VMAs with Michael Jackson in 2001.  An overdue reunion if you ask me.

JT, now at the ripe age of 32, has worn several hats at this young age.  He has been a singer, dancer, actor, songwriter, and is still a consummate showman.  And to think, he started so long ago as a member in the “New Mickey Mouse Club”, graduated to the elite position to boy band member then moved on to a solo superstar.  When I say superstar, he gets that status because he has sold over seventy million albums through the course of his recording career.


Here we have JT with his stylish white panel shirt and sport jacket and of course the ever-popular Fedora.  The shirt gives the appearance with a jacket that there is a vest underneath.  Sleek, cool, and stylish!  Polished off with some very impressive shiny shoes, and after a quick change pre-performance to the low cut Converse, he still pulled it off.


In this photo, we have JT with the ‘NSYNC crew looking as teenage heartthrob as ever!  You can see, each of them have a similar look with crisp black pants and jackets with a vibrant white panel somewhere on the shirt.  Just like in their ‘NSYNC prime, the crew kept it sharp and stylish.

I hope everyone enjoyed the 2013 VMAs as much as I did, and I look forward to next year’s!  Keep an eye out for part two of JTs album 20/20 Experience – 2 of 2 set to release September this year!


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