Wonderful Welcome Back Weekend

So this weekend was a good one.  I got back from summer break to settle back into another daunting year of school and life as an INK… Cosmetics intern.  I have to admit, I slacked over the summer, no, I failed miserably over the summer in regards to my commitment to Anna and INK…

Anna invited me over to her wonderful lake house to have dinner and discuss my roles and responsibilities as an INK… intern.  What a different type of business meeting!  I was expecting a sit down, pen and paper, laptop, and some get down to business.  Well, when I arrive there are appetizers, drinks, and no sign of pen and paper!

What was being made on the grill can only be described as a gift from the food God’s.  Was it lamb chops, T-bones, or high-end steaks.  No!  It was simple!  Beef sausages, tomato slices with mozzarella and chives, and in the oven… bacon wrapped asparagus, and on the stove, Spanish rice.  I wasn’t prepared for such a spread for what I thought was a work meeting.

 Anna explained to me this is what she does, take care of people, entertain, and cook.  Let me say, this girl was not complaining!  Here are a few photos of the meal!





After dinner we talked and I learned a lot about Anna, Olivia, and what passion lies behind the brand INK… Cosmetics.  I just want to say thank you to all our followers, fellow bloggers, and loyal INK… customers.  This would not all be possible without the ideas/inspirations and dedication of the face behind the brand, Anna.  She is a dedicated woman who faces many challenges in her life I learned and she continues to drive on.  Thank you Anna.  And to Olivia, you too are an inspiration and a very talented and beautiful girl!

Thank you all,


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