Tacti-lish = Tactically Stylish?

So Anna sent me this photo today of a co-worker and asked I evaluate from a man’s perspective.  She gave me some background on the guy, the look, and asked me to post something as she was so busy.  (Really, soooo busy, probably doing her nails!)  She told me she couldn’t help but notice his look was sleek yet professional and worth mentioning.

So here we have C.A. (name withheld upon model request – only his true friends know this guy) wearing an outfit that is both work savvy, tactical, and stylish; is there really such a thing?  Well, from the photo we can see there is such a thing, and C.A. pulled it off.  Kudos to you fine Sir!


Are they twins, are you seeing double, mirror; no!  This look is so dope, we have to compare it against itself!!  Let’s break the look down.  First, we see C.A. wearing some stylish glass wear which is not too small nor too big, and says, “I’m here, now what?”

The plaid shirt is from Izod and meshes well with the plain tie.  A common mistake men make is trying to get a busy tie to “match” a busy shirt.  This seldom works fellas!  C.A. kept it clean and simple.    The tie is from Marc Anthony (available at Kohl’s), simple, blue, powerful!

Slacks will set off any look if you wear them right as we previously discussed.  C.A. I am sure (can’t tell from the photo) wore them with a full to medium break.  Shoes we also can’t see, where a caramel brown providing a clean, sophisticated finish to the look.

Now, we get down to the business end of the look!  The VEST.  This is the standard issue 5.11 vest for anyone in his particular job.  Fleece seems to be the vest of choice, not sure why in summer, but C.A. pulled off the 5.11 made of a smooth and sleek poly-cotton blend finishing off this stylish look with a touch of “tactical” proving that stylish and tactical make “Tacti-lish”!  Way to go C.A.!!


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