“When will Trish be around?  What exactly are you calling for?  We can’t send you a check ma’am without the information the specialist gave you.”  And on and on and on…..


Mr. Speaker phone inventor…..DAMN YOU!  Inconsiderate people in Panera…..DAMN YOU MORE!  It amazes me how you think if you whisper no one around you will hear!  WE CAN!!  I know, it’s a shocker, but we hear everything!  Even some of us hear dead people…..or in my case, the voices in my head who happen to be processing the phone call you are having and having an argument themselves about how LOUD you are!

Break down time!  A speaker phone is an EXTERNAL projecting device encased within your little cell phone.  It acts like a speaker at a concert.  You can whisper all you want, we will still hear you, and with your speaker on, so will all of Panera Bread!!

Option 1:  Hold the phone to your ear!  Holla!

Option 2:  Put in ear buds, Wal-Mart – less than $10.00.

Option 3: Put on massive head phone like your spinning some mad mash up, at least we won’t hear you and the bank attendant and you might even look hip!

Option 4: Take care of your personal stuff at home!!! Or …. In the car!!

What have we learned today audience?  Be cognizant of your surroundings, how loud you and your phone are, and be considerate of those around you.  For God sakes, you’re in a restaurant!


Hold the phone!!!  This just happened!  A funny moment between you and a friend constitutes banging on the seat and table?  It was so loud I thought John Cena and the Rock were about to go at it.  Really!??  Do I need to know what just happened was that funny?  Do I need to hear you talk about it from five booths away?  Like a bullet to the head!  Answer in short….NO!!

That is all!  In a mood?  Maybe!  One of those days?  Not really, just tired of the sense of entitlement people have in this area!

Dropping the mike to the floor and exiting stage right……….Vince!

Want INK…. Go get it

P.S. Sorry, we don’t sell head phones, ear buds, or Bluetooth devices!


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