Hammer Time!! With….Miley?


Ok, soooo; here we go again!  Round two of our twerking hot mess!  Miley Cyrus strikes again.  In today’s episode of “How the Hot Mess Turns” we have Miley’s new song and video, Wrecking Ball.

Let me start up front by saying the song itself is great, good lyrics, good flow, and over all a good beat all together.  The issue…..the video!  Miley my dear, WTF???  The entire video in your wife beater and panties?  Did we not learn anything from the VMAs on your flat … ass..uming you had good potential, my darling….you failed.  First, it’s a foam hand and Robin Thicke, now a ball and hammer?

I know that today as every construction worker goes to work he has a new found passion for his sledge hammer.  The wrecking ball operator is swinging his balls with more passion and fury than ever before!  It saddens me that this poor hammer was sexually assaulted.  Anna, can you investigate??  That poor wrecking ball…..being ridden by a naked Cyrus….probably needs a shot or ten!  And, I think I just puked in my mouth……again!


We got it Miley, you have grown up, but parading around in your undies in a video does not show that, it shows quiet frankly…..a whore..able set of events unfolding making the hammer licking and ball riding just not sexy!

Does it sound like I hate Miley Cyrus, probably; do I?, NO!  I hate the visual message she is portraying and the way she is doing it.  Do I believe she has a good voice, not really, most of the video is digitally re-mastered, yes, as with most artists these days.  The video gets a two thumbs….in my eyes!!  The song, gets two ass kicking thumbs up!!  Enjoy!



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