Manicure Madness in Wally World!

There I was strolling through Wal-Mart picking up a few essentials for the coming weeks.  I round the corner in the hygiene and personal care area and what do I see?  If I were to explain, or at least attempt to explain it to you, you probably wouldn’t believe me, so…. BAM – Mind Blown!!


Here we have Cletus doing his best to be a “blocking” force to shield tiny little “Lucile” (names changed to protect; o’ come on, who are we kidding; redneck stereo types inserted here!) from being seen from any Wal-Mart employees.  Since combined they both don’t weigh 200 pounds, this concept is dismal at best.  I mean, come on, who is not going to see this skeletal mass crumbled up on the floor doing exactly what you think she is doing.

That’s right, little Lucile is painting her fingernails with a store bottle of fingernail polish.  You wonder what color?  It was lime green, to match the money lining her pockets of course!

I have seen the “People of Wal-Mart” website, seen some of those same people in Wal-Mart, but this; this is a first.  Going back a bit later to look at the prices of nail polish and it was only $2.00!  Hell risky redneck girl, go big or go home!  Cheat the system, well really steal the good shit don’t sell yourself short with the cheap crap.  Didn’t daddy teach you no better?

Any who, just thought I would share this wonderful beauty tip to all our faithful readers out there looking for any illegal manicure options! Stop selling yourself short and get the real stuff, the good stuff, the INK… Cosmetics!


Want INK..Go get it at

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