RG…III Strikes and You’re Out?


 I’m not a huge Washington Redskins fan but I have to wonder what all this hype is about when it comes to Robert Griffin III.  Yes, last year he looked promising, taking the Skins to near post-season hopes and dreams, but the unfortunate injury sideline not only him but the teams momentum.

Now we have the beginning of a new season, a season full of post-season hopes and dreams, a successful, young, dynamic quarterback who is going to take the Skins to the fame of yesteryear.  But what I am seeing thus far is an injured quarterback still not fully recovered from his injury of last year.  He seems to still be nursing that knee and not cutting and reacting to the defense as he did last year.


What is in store for this new franchise quarterback and the future of the skins?  Who really knows, it is really too early in the season to tell.  I can tell you this; this team needs to settle in and make things happen.  They need to let RG III handle his business and not hamper his abilities.  The Schneider coaching duo is lack luster at times and sometimes I think just poor all altogether.  I believe the Skins could have a successful year, but after this last game with a defense that is not firing on all cylinders, a quarterback who is favoring his bad knee, and all in all inconsistent coaching, hopes are dismal at best for a post season.

I wish the Skins a solid and successful season!!


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I would like to offer my thoughts and prayers to all the victims and those involved in yesterday’s events at the Washington Navy Yard.  May God bless you all.

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