Emmy Homework?

I had a crappy week at school this past week and didn’t do as good as expected on some tests.  My plan was to get hammered and pretty much stay that way all weekend.  Until…..Anna calls me and says, “Hey Vince!  So are you ready for the Emmys?”  In my drunken stooper and best assembled English I say, “I don’t have a date with an Emily!”  She says, “No stupid! The Emmys come on Sunday night and I need you to provide a man’s perspective to the nights fashion.”  O’, of course I think to myself as I try to figure out why I suddenly have six floor lamps when as of Friday there was only one!  I tell Anna, a.k.a Fashion Commander I got it.

So without further ado, here are some of my picks for best dressed, to the not so best dressed with comments, and of course, the, “WTF were you thinking!!”

First, we have a dude you either love or hate, but he has been around for a minute and continues to evolve.  Mario Lopez was dressed to the “Ts” last night.  A sleek tux custom-made for Mario by Unruly Heir, from the episode “All on the line, with Joe Zee”.  The pant cuff is a full break without dragging the heal.  The arms are snug, not tight, and break at the wrist with a touch of shirt protruding from the bottom.  A crisp white shirt and skinny tie brings this look together.  Or course, polished lace shoes, proves Mario is keeping it clean and sophisticated.


Next we have one of my personal favorite actors from the new Netflix Series, House of Cards, Kevin Spacey.  Sporting the pleated bowtie, Kevin (yes, we are on a first name basis) gets away from the usual neck tie, classing it up a bit.  He even dawned his upside down flag pin, the logo for the show, no disrespect intended.  Another sleek dark blue suit with crisp breaks and no excess materials.  Well fitted, and meticulously finished!


Now we move to our not so well put together looks.  For this we turn to Evan Peters.  Shoes are sharp but don’t pair well with the skinny jean look of his tux pants.  These pants need to be open more on the bottom to cover the shoe to give this a cleaner, refined look.  The white tux top with black trim is NOT pairing well with him or the pants.  His complexion is too light to wear this much white so close to his face and blonde hair.  Bowtie is nice, but…crooked!  The hair, well it’s his signature look, but c’mon man!  It’s the Emmys!  Groom it up a bit! Hell, throw everyone off and straighten your hair!


Finally, we have our WTF look!  I love this man, he is such a comedic joy to watch on Modern Family and is a genuinely nice dude from all the interviews I’ve seen.  Eric Stonestreet did not have his stylist give him a once over or if he did, the stylist was just plain drunk!  This suit did not fit, not even close.  Man, I hate talking bad about the dude, but this suit made me uncomfortable.  Way too tight around the waste and the sleeves too long.  The pants are sitting way low under his stomach but do break nice over the clean and polished shoes.  A well tied bowtie and black button top provide classy touches to the poor jacket that is screaming for help!

inkinsideout-theinkintern-menscorner-emmyhomework-september-2013 I am glad to see the winners of the Emmys achieve such solid accomplishments.  Some upsets through the night along with some expected winners.


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