16 years of Service

ink inside out-anna castillo-Motherhood-16 years of Service-September 2013I cannot believe it!  Today marks 16 years of active duty Air Force service.  I have been blessed!  I am grateful for the simple fact that I have been able to build what I have off of a military salary.  Let me tell you, it has not been easy! I started as an AB and I hope to retire at least as a SMSgt.

ink inside out-anna castillo-Motherhood-16 years of Service-September 2013

It has been a bumpy ride.  Blood, sweat and tears, not to mention three failed marriages later I am still trucking along with an amazing 15 year old daughter, an awesome criminal investigator gig, and a successful cosmetics business.

Who would of thought this loner, crazy, creative, and thrill seeking gal from Brooklyn, NY would do so many amazing things.

I started my military career out of FL at the bottom of the tier.  I stupidly, but later gratefully, took an “open general” contract and took a job and graduated from the Security Forces Academy in San Antonio, TX (SATX) to find out I would be stationed at Fairchild AFB, WA.  I thought to myself… no, why will I be that far from the east coast.  I scammed some chick into swapping locations as she was the only one who was even halfway near where I call home.

ink inside out-anna castillo-Motherhood-16 years of Service-September 2013

Where did I go?  HA!  Good old Cheyenne, WY.  That’s right I said WY.  I froze my ass off…oh so I thought!  More on that topic a little later.  Well, while stationed at F.E. I took on everything from convoys to campers then a staff exec. job which got old quick.  I had a smart CMSgt tell me I would be good at teaching and thought I should career progress my butt out of the WY area to SATX again.  Laughing I asked, “Chief, what do you want me to teach?  How to write a ticket? I know nothing about law enforcement.”  His response, No!  You will become an Air Base Defense (ABD) instructor. ”  I laughed again and said I thought the Chief should of been a comedian.  His wrinkled forehead said otherwise.  So, I took my chances and put in.  Yup! Lucky me, I got it! I packed up my Mini me and headed on down to good old TX.  Let me tell you, I LOVED that job! There was nothing more rewarding than training Airmen how to maneuver, patrol, execute missions, and destroy the enemy!  Man, I miss that!

Well, time was ticking and another CMSgt noticed I should move on as they were keeping instructors there due to money constraints.  So, I looked in the AF system for jobs and noticed a weird job description.  Said something about securing an “AF asset”.  WHAT?  I called the number on the job announcement.  Ha!  They weren’t very inviting.  I found out it was a Protect Service Detail at one of the big commands.  (all names will remain anonymous)  The guy on the other end was a little cocky and arrogant.  Everything he said seemed to try to push me away from putting in.  Honey, he didn’t know the girl on the phone was a CASTILLO!  🙂  So, I played the game.  Got a bad ass letter of recommendation for a female Top Cop (SF members will know who) and got the job.  The only PSD girl on a 17 “man” team.  Oh boy, I will share these stories for a later time.  Let me just tell you, I worked for one AF 4-star who was on his way out when I first got there and then things got real!  His replacement…. General J.M. a 4-star Marine and the best leader I have ever encountered to date!  I worship this man!  He was an amazing mentor, educator and Commander.  So much so, I know without a doubt I would follow this man into war and walk in front of him when bullets fly in battle in order to allow for his continued acts of valor!  He explained to me I was not to leave his command and go backwards. I needed to move onward and upward.  This brought me to my current position as a federal investigator.  I must say I miss him!  He has since retired and I am honored I was able to spend nearly 4 years, traveling 20 days a month for him.  He taught me a lot and I can never repay him for that.  *okay, off my soap box*

I cannot disclose too much about my current job but it has its days.  For the sake of not burning bridges I will end with this.  I continue to count my blessings everyday and love interviewing our subjects and victims.  I choose to investigate child pornography and death cases because in the end…all I want to do is bring forth the truth in order to stop future acts and protect our innocent.

I thank each of you who have touched my life in some way.  I thank all my co-workers for keeping me strong.  I spend more time with you all than I do at home.  You are my family and look forward to the next 4 years until retirement.  Then we will see where the road takes me.  For now, I move forward.  I have orders to Alaska…YES!  I told you!  I thought WY was cold!  Well, that assignment will be interesting!  For now, I remain positive, put in an honest days work, and never dwell on the past but always remember where I came from!

XOXO Besos,

Anna Castillo

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