50 Shades What?


I have to start by saying I am sorry Anna and followers.  I was to watch the Emmys and provide a tutorial on how the children were styling and profiling.  I failed, miserably!  But you know what, in this case I don’t care.  Here’s why:

Aaron was away on a trip for the last month and got home Sunday, to my surprise early.  I had been out grabbing some vino with friends and then grabbed snacks for the evening alone in front of the television to watch the fashion unfold.  When I walked in the door I was immediately welcomed by ambient lighting, the smell of fresh flowers, and Aaron sitting at the table dressed to kill.  Of course I was at first scared about who the hell was in my house, realized it was him and was engulfed in excitement and love.  Buckle up ladies; guys pay attention, because what happens next is out of control.

When Aaron stood up and walked to me with a single rose in his hand gazing into my eyes with his piercing blue eyes, I knew something was up.  He leaned in to kiss me, placing his hand on the side of my head, like in the movies, and his soft lips touched mine so gently, chills shot down my spine.  Our lips locked passionately, a soft wet kiss, tongues beginning to explore one another.  His fingers ran through my hair, his other hand on the other side of my head.  His right hand slowly glided down my neck to the strap of my tank top.  His finger slid under the strap and slowly he slid it down my shoulder softly caressing my skin.  Instantly my inner thigh region was in its own Zumba class.  His body pressed against mine and I could feel the bulge in his pants, it …… was ON!

He picked me up and I straddled his waist, he carried me to the bedroom where the bed was covered in rose pedals, sensual candles were lit, and Sade played on the docking station.  He finished taking off my top, and slowly slid off my pants, one leg at a time, precision and patience, like a surgeon at the operating table.  He kissed my calves and shins, moving up to kiss my knees, and then nibbled his way up my inner thighs.  Hands caressing, gliding, moving around my legs, making me feel as if I was the only person in the world, and he was, he is the only man for me.

I couldn’t help myself, I reached up and ripped off his button up shirt, buttons flew across the bedroom exposing his shaved masculine chest.  His tattoos danced in the candlelight, my painted mystery man was home.   Suddenly, my panties were being ripped off; my hands were being moved to the headboard.  It was all so fast, a blur of passionate frenzy and excitement.  Before I knew it my hands were bound in nylon ropes, I lay there naked, Aaron over me, shirtless and hot!  He kissed his way back down my chest, over my breasts, to my belly, over my hipbones, nibbling softly there before moving to my happy place.  His breathe hot, steady, consistent, making me wet, eager, anxiously waiting his manhood.  His tongue danced over me, up and down, in and out, slow and subtle, a master of the craft.

After reaching my climax, he stood next to the bed, slowly unbuttoned and removed his pants, revealing no underwear and a fully erect man member.  Reaching for the nightstand he grabbed a feather and powder and sprinkled it over me from neck to knees.  The odorous and flavorful powder was slowly being licked from my body sending shivers and feelings I have never experienced down my body.  Again, I climax.


Still tied up, he moves on top of me, his eyes locked on mine, his breath steady, he enters me.  My back arches, legs spread, he is slow and deliberate with his strokes.  He is in no rush, total focus is on me and how I feel, both inside and out.  He has his way with me for what seemed like hours, I lost count of the number of orgasms I had, at this point I can’t feel my legs anyway.  Finally, he climaxes, the room seems to go silent and time is crawling as I look into his eyes, his face is locked on mine, I feel him, throbbing, his sexual desire fulfilled, his climax strong.

He slowly unties me, kissing me still, moving my arms to him, my head to his chest, that little pocket between his chest and arm, my head is meant to be there.  I feel safe, comfortable, loved there.  Together we breathe heavy, the love shared was intense, overwhelming, and so needed.  Slowly we fall asleep, naked, intertwined, so madly in love.

Monday morning we awoke, late!  I made breakfast and for the entire day, we were in one another’s arms, kissing, loving, re-experiencing one another.  I love this man, he loves me!  There is no doubt we are meant for one another.  This long trip was miserable for me missing him, but it made me realize something greater than my own selfish needs.  I realized two people who can share so much love for another can manage any time apart, can overcome any argument or misunderstanding, and can love one another unconditionally.  I need him, he needs me!

Sorry Emmys, maybe next year!!


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