Small World

I have been inundated with work but would not pass up the opportunity to post this! Here is a perfect example that you never know when the stars will align again to the point that you would run into someone you haven’t seen in over 20 years.  I was recently hired to help bring out the beauty in some of the most magnificently gorgeous women during this year’s Veterans pageant.

ink inside out-anna castillo-Motherhood-Small World-October 2013

As most of you know, women fight, bleed and die alongside our brothers; sadly many Americans have forgotten this. To help them remember, the Ms. Veteran America event had fathers speak about the daughters they lost during their service. Among those fathers was Jim Jacobs, father of fallen USAF Master Sergeant Tara Jacobs Brown, who was killed in the line of duty (April 2011 in Afghanistan).
Now, I saw him at the VIP event and couldn’t recall how I knew him… However, I never forget a face and the next day at breakfast (me with no makeup, and looking like a cleaning lady) Mr. Jacobs stopped me and said…”ANNA?” I looked at his face and thought…see I knew I knew him. I politely told him I remembered working with his daughter but I could not recall how I knew him.  He responded with “I was your high school bus driver!” Then like a tsunami, memories flooded my mind, tears came to my eyes, and I couldn’t stop hugging him!
ink inside out-anna castillo-Motherhood-Small World-October 2013
As I stood there, still in shock, I let him continue.   I asked how he was doing?  He asked what I was doing there.  I explained I was hired as the make-up sponsor/artist for the event/contestants and had my own cosmetics line.  I also told him I was in the Air Force and Tara was assigned to my agency.  He continued to explain how much he missed her and that he had been working hard on his speech.  Tara always got on him about his need to work with a speech coach and he finally did.  Unfortunately, it took her passing for him to do so.  But for those who were there…. let me tell you, this speech should be published.  I watched him that day, looking so sharp in an outfit picked by Tara a few years back, give the most proud and honorable dictation and expression of love for his daughter.  As I did this, it took everything in my power not to allow a tear to fall and cause my false lashes to loosen and fall off my face.  I thought to myself, I can honestly feel her and my late father in that room!  I know she is proud of him!  I sure was!  The bond between a father and daughter is possibly the strongest thing imaginable.  My father was and will always be my hero!
ink inside out-anna castillo-Motherhood-Small World-October 2013
Tara, for whatever reason you had to pay the ultimate sacrifice.  I am grateful I was able to know you and seeing your father that day brought memories of my childhood that I had forgotten about.  I thank you for your service!  Know this… YOU WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN and may God continue to allow your spirit to shine upon us!
I am humble, happy, and completely honored to be a part of this event!  What a small world!

XOXO Besos,

Anna Castillo

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