Leftovers till the Zombipocalypse!

I just love Thanksgiving and Christmas!  It is a time to just let go, eat everything in sight and be plain glutenous.  My Dad takes a turkey and grills on the BBQ, ummm, AMAZING!  My Mom makes the best sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top and cinnamon, delicious!!  No matter who cooks what, my skinny ass is heading back for seconds, and of course dessert!  Pumpkin pie loaded down with whip cream……don’t judge!!

Regardless of what you and your family enjoy during the holiday season, take the time to let your tryptophan coma mind wonder how to use those leftovers.  One of my favorites is to take the meat (either ham or turkey), throw in some dried cranberries, pine nuts, lemon juice, and fresh basil, all mixed with Orzo noodles.  These little noodle guys look a lot like rice, but are in fact a noodle.

Here’s how I do it:

Cook your Orzo as outlined on the box.  While the water is boiling, cut up the meat to bite size pieces and set aside.  After your noodles are done, throw them into a large mixing bowl, fold in the meat while mixing in the cranberries, basil, and pine nuts.  When you have this all mixed thoroughly, take fresh lemons (usually two) and squeeze the juice all over the mix, toss again and squeeze the other lemon juice onto the spread and mix again.  Enjoy!  This wonderful and easy to make meal can be eaten hold or cold and keeps for days.  I like this for lunch, dinner, and the occasional post workout snack!

inkinsideout-the ink intern-mens corner-leftovers till the zombipocalypse- nov-2013


When you feel you can’t just do the leftovers anymore, remember those less fortunate who don’t have family or a home.  In the D.C. area alone there are an estimated 15,000 homeless at any given time.  As you can imagine, the shelters and churches cannot keep up.  It takes the community to help and care.  It only takes a few dollars to get some Styrofoam containers from your local bulk grocery store, package, and hit the local parks to distribute.

I hope you all have enjoyed your Thanksgiving, have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



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