Fashionably Warm

So I was out and about yesterday walking the streets in the cool winter air and stumbled into Banana Republic to see what was on sale and what they were showcasing as their current trends/styles.  One thing we as men have to remember is “the mannequin is our friend”!  Most retail clothing stores have a model they get from corporate on how they have to demo their clothes.  These styles are a collaboration designed by stylists and designers who have the knowledge and current trends to make this all work.  Bottom line: look, learn, and keep it simple!

I have taken a few photos from the Banana Republic I visited and want to lay out the style and offer some other alternatives.   Do the outfits need to be completely Banana Republic, by no means, besides, who has the money for that!  Mix and match, but leave the logos out of view.

Look One:


This style combo can be used for a semi-formal dinner, a nice night out with the ladies, or depending on work, a nice work combo.  Fashionably warm, is just that with this stylish combo.  A nice button up paired with a sleek “V” neck sweater and sport coat provides for a layered warm approach.  Too hot, peel off layer by layer while still looking put together.  With a nice pair of earth tone pants or slacks this outfit comes to life.  This outfit can be finished with either a dark brown belt and matching shoes or can even work with black belt and shoes.  Looking for more of an off style dress shoe, nothing too shiny or too rough.

Look Two:


This style combo is just right for a day out Christmas shopping with the lady or hanging out at the local hookah bar!  Again we have a layered approach with a nice button up paired with this nice sweater accented with buttons and pocket.  Exposing the cuffs of the button up provide a bit of style and class.  Finishing this look with a pair of black pants or slacks and a nice pair of black shoes will complete this style.  A light shine to the shoe will show everyone you took the time to be “polished” and give a damn about how you look!

Look Three:


They say to leave the best for last! Well, this is by far my personal favorite.  I love this outfit for its hip, sleek, and just plain comfy look.  Again, as with our other looks, we start with a nice button up and pair it with a complimenting sweater.  I think this sweater is amazing.  A full zip up with a ¾ collar and pocket accent, say “Yeah bitches; I have arrived!”  These pants are the faded look trending now but aren’t the worn down Ho-Bo look!  Pair this all with a nice belt, and stylish shoes such as some light blue Sperry’s or a colored shoe that is not too dark or too light.  Something along the lines of the sweater will tie it all together.

Continue to look for the style you want and keep an eye on the sales racks, clearance racks, and don’t forget about Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and Ross.  Designer clothes at discount prices are a win win!

I wish you all a happy holidays, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!


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