DIY Spa Plan

If you are in the DC area, this winter weather has your skin in a bit of a cold spell. With Spring around the corner and Summer shortly after, you will want to put your best face forward.

Who has time for an actual Spa appointment these days?  Save time and money with this fool-proof do-it-yourself Spa plan.

ink inside out-anna castillo-Fashion and Beauty-DIY Spa Plan-March 2014

Wash up:

Start with a clean face! Carefully remove your eye make-up with a gentle eye make-up remover. Next, using small circular stokes, massage a gentle, foaming cleanser for approximately one minute. Focus on your forehead and nose area. They are prone to congestion.


Remove dead skin cells to leave your skin feeling smooth. Got sensitive skin? Try an exfoliation cream that contains fruit acids.


Using facial masks help unclog your pores. For oily skin try a clay mask. If your skin is a tad dehydrated, use a cream of gel mask. For combination skin, mix a bit of both. Apply the clay mask on the t-zone and moisturizing mask on your cheek area.


I recommend using a gentle, alcohol-free toner.


ink inside out-anna castillo-Fashion and Beauty-DIY Spa Plan-March 2014


Lock in moisture with a vitamin enriched moisturizer that fits your skin type.

TIP:  Never sleep with make-up on!

I try to plan my DIY Spa treatments in the evening.  Masks once a week.  Stay tuned for homemade mask recipes coming this Summer.

XOXO Besos,

Anna Castillo


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