Moving Day

It has been a couple of weeks or so since the military moved my belongings to my next destination.  I felt the need to post something since the summer months are a high moving season for our troops.

inkinsideout-anna castillo-Motherhood-Moving Day-May 2014

Moving day came and went in a blink of an eye.  This is my 6th military move and I cringe every time!  No one takes your precious belongings as seriously as you do.  We all work hard for what we have.  Prep wasn’t easy.  You forget all the things you purchase over a lifetime.  Some are more significant than others.  I am entering a new phase in my life.  I vow to be smarter with every purchase and spend any spare time away from INK…Cosmetics and my military career, focusing on my education and planning for my future.  Soon Mini Me will graduate from High School and I will be all alone.  I am currently listing a mini bucket list of goals for the remainder of the year.  I hope to complete as many as possible by 31 Dec 14.  I wanted to share my experience with readers in hopes to lessen the stress related to the transition towards your next relocation.

inkinsideout-anna castillo-Motherhood-Moving Day-May 2014

I am grateful I had my Mother (Joe C.) with me to assist in supervision.  It could not have been a better Mother’s Day experience.  While repacking some of my childhood memorabilia we came across these:

inkinsideout-anna castillo-Motherhood-Moving Day-May 2014inkinsideout-anna castillo-Motherhood-Moving Day-May 2014

A dress custom made by my Grandmother, Ana Fourquet.  She made this for my 5th birthday.  As you can see my Mother was ecstatic!  Then we found another one made for my 11th grade homecoming dance.  I loved this one.  Our school had a movie themed party and I went as a Cleopatra goddess.

inkinsideout-anna castillo-Motherhood-Moving Day-May 2014

One of the biggest must do items on your moving prep list is to PURGE!  Below is little Jeter my Mother’s best friend.  He was a trooper.

inkinsideout-anna castillo-Motherhood-Moving Day-May 2014


1. Give yourself time to purge.  I started approximately two months out.  I tried to decide what i really couldn’t live with out and what I felt I had no reason to keep around.  Plus, when you have a weight limit you really start thinking about tossing useless purchases so you are not left with a bill in the end.

2.  Sorting;  I grabbed three bins. One for keep, one for toss, and one for donation.  I did give away a few boxes of stuff to the packing ladies.  Little tip: Treat your packers well and they will return the favor.  I took the donation items to the Salvation Army and tossed broken or useless items in the recycling center.  When tossing your items be true to yourself.  If you haven’t used it in a year and it does not have actual sentimental value then….TOSS IT!  Don’t venture to your new location as a hoarder.

3. Purge the pantry:  Try to use up as many items as possible before you move.  Take your unused items to your local homeless shelter.

inkinsideout-anna castillo-Motherhood-Moving Day-May 2014

Be sure to keep a watchful eye on your moving folks.  Most of the time they are day workers subcontracted by the actual moving company.  In my case they were separate from the packing company.  Again, it is extremely important to treat our workers right!  I made sure to hook them up with a little snack to beverages throughout the day.

inkinsideout-anna castillo-Motherhood-Moving Day-May 2014

inkinsideout-anna castillo-Motherhood-Moving Day-May 2014 inkinsideout-anna castillo-Motherhood-Moving Day-May 2014 inkinsideout-anna castillo-Motherhood-Moving Day-May 2014

I was surprised that I did not shed a tear as the truck pulled away.  I said a prayer, counted my blessings, and told God everything was in his hands.  MOM and JETER…THANK YOU for coming all this way to assist!  I think Jeter had the right idea…

inkinsideout-anna castillo-Motherhood-Moving Day-May 2014

I am looking forward to the next chapter of my life!  This is going to be an interesting ride!  Stay tuned!

XOXO Besos,

Anna Castillo

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