Sentimental Soul

Ok guys, now that we are safe in the cave, let’s investigate the meaning behind these questions!  “Why do you love me?” and “Why do you want this?”  Is it a trick?  We know she is looking for a certain answer right?  Well, here is my break down, my heart felt answer about the woman I love.

Inkinsideout-jason wood-man cave-Sentimental Soul-august-2014

Why do I love you?  I love you because of you those beautiful brown eyes and the way they look up at me. I love you because of that amazing smile when you laugh at my silliness. I adore the way you want to have me touch you, my hands on you all the time. I love you because you are my best friend and listen to my every problem and offer help. You are my friend, my love, my confidant, the woman I love. There are so many more reasons as to why I love you, not enough time or space on the Internet for it all.
Why do I want this? Well, I want this (you) because you are a beautiful person not only on the outside but the inside. You care for and tend to those less fortunate. The first words out of our mouths in the morning are, “hello beautiful”, “hello handsome head” and “namaste”.  I want you because no matter how tired we are, we still take the time and give the effort for one another.  I want this because of the way you love me, and the way you let me love you.  I am so glad we are together, and you mean so much to me. I love you.

Inkinsideout-jason wood-man cave-Sentimental Soul-august-2014

Now guys, you read my response to Anna’s questions, out there for the world to see. I challenge you to take the time and put your thoughts and feelings on paper. You will be surprised at how much will come pouring out if you actually try. The ladies will truly appreciate and adore you for it. Don’t think you won’t be “manly” or you will “look like a puss”.  News flash, chicks dig the sensitive side every once in awhile. Give it a try, you’ll be surprised!

Inkinsideout-jason wood-man cave-Sentimental Soul-august-2014

Now, unfortunately, back to DC I go after an amazing weekend filled with love, laughs, and surprises.

God speed,


Want INK…

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