Unscheduled Love

Inkinsideout-jason wood-lover’s lane-Unscheduled Love-august-2014

Have you ever gone into a weekend with a plan, a really good plan, and you think nothing can go wrong or affect your plan? Yea, that was me this past weekend. I had it all laid out, fly from DC to Texas on Wednesday, treat my best friend to an amazing birthday and a great weekend, then fly back to DC Sunday night. Here’s what really happened:
I pack my bags Tuesday night and was all excited to see my very beautiful best friend, someone who I love dearly.  I was restless and anxious, so I only get a few hours of sleep. I got dressed for work, big day ya see, have to brief the new boss on the mission of the shop and new projects.  By 1030 the brief is done, team members tasked, and I’m racing to the airport. Checked in with only two carry-ons (don’t like waiting at the baggage carousel) and on the plane for a 1200 departure. At this point, my heart is racing and I’m smiling like a 12 year old boy looking at his first nudie magazine as I think about the weekend to come. Quick plane change in Atlanta and Texas here I come.  The one hour flight went by pretty quick thanks to Chatty Charlie next to me, thankful for that by the way. I land, and out to the curb I go to look for one black car, driven by one Anna Castillo. Out the door I fly like a monkey with his tail on fire!  As soon as I get out, there she is. I can see her pearly whites through the dark tint like she just found out she won the lottery (well she kinda did, she has me as a bestie!).  I get in, a quick kiss hello, and then we play catch up on the way to grab dinner and enjoy the hookah. It was at this juncture ladies and gents, where my plan took an unexpected turn!

Inkinsideout-jason wood-lover’s lane-Unscheduled Love-august-2014

As we ate dinner and enjoyed the hookah, Anna grabbed my hand and told me she loved me!  Imagine the cartoon characters when they get their feet smashed and eyeballs nearly pop out; yep, that’s what I looked like.  My heart has had feelings for this beautiful young lady for some time. I didn’t want to push that friendship envelope, things were too good. Why risk making it awkward, right?

Inkinsideout-jason wood-lover’s lane-Unscheduled Love-august-2014
So after enjoying the hookah, we head to the store so I can get some things to cook her breakfast and other meals, like my amazing guacamole. The rest of the night and the next day were amazing.  For her birthday, I cooked for her and her long time best friends, and we drank and partied late into the night. That, is when the rockets launched!  In her happy, drunken stooper, she accidentally picks “engaged” over “in a relationship” as she updates her Facebook status. Before we noticed, and she could fix it, nearly 15 people liked it and the number quickly grew.  I was floored, in a good way obviously, my heart was now fulfilled and I could call this girl my “girlfriend”.

Inkinsideout-jason wood-lover’s lane-Unscheduled Love-august-2014

Not to ramble on with all the details of the rest of the weekend, you can see most of it on Facebook as the adventures of “Janna” (Jason and Anna) unfold.  Hints: party guests hiding in flowers, cigars and scotch, beautiful people, paint spilling in a car, and a man with leopard hair!

Inkinsideout-jason wood-lover’s lane-Unscheduled Love-august-2014

As the weekend sadly began to wind down, I was once again caught with a surprise.  Guys, when you get put on the spot two things usually happen. You put your fat foot in your mouth and it is hard to recover, if at all; or, you hit a home run with a sincere or clever response.  What do you do when your lady asks you these two questions; “Why do you love me?” and “Why do you want this?”  Most would fire off a quick response, hence the foot in mouth comment, and some may nail the answer. Ponder your reply, think hard about it for a minute, then check out my response to these two heart felt questions in “The Man Cave“.

Love happy and love true!


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