Be Careful What You Wish For…

I had a different topic to write about, but then decided that since this was stuck in my brain; this was a perfect place to start.

First, let me introduce myself…Hi my name is Mercia Cummings. I am a Mom of a 14 year old, Wife to a Gamer, Reservist, and my Love, and have a furry baby named Chewbacca (Chewie). I have a small behavioral health private practice and my full time job is helping the Maryland Army National Guard and their family members find counseling services in their community. I also do briefs (presentations) for the military on various topics that include Suicide Awareness and Anger Management. I also make and sell jewelry.

Inkinsideout-mercia cummings-Motherhood-Be careful what you wish for-august-2014

So, to sum things up; I am a licensed counselor, jewelry maker, and love inspiring people to reach for highest good. I love to smile, laugh, and shop!

Okay enough about me, sort of, well this one is still about me….

I am an admirer of blog, and have often shared the blogs on my FB pages. I love the honesty that the blog offers, as well as the many beauty tips, home décor, and so on. Anna invites us to her world, life and adventures, really her mind. I am also a huge fan of the INK Cosmetics line. It is a large part of my daily make up routine! Through both, the blog and the cosmetics, I have gained wonderful friends, Anna, Olivia (aka MiniMe well mini her…Anna. not me…you know what I mean), and Jason!


I read a wonderful write up by Jason the other day and responded, “when do I get to blog?” Well, didn’t know I was actually opening this door, so here I am writing. Anna, who is always on the go, her mind always racing (not analyzing… This is a known fact…) asked if I would be interested in writing for her blog. Shocked, surprised, unsure, so what do I do; I just jumped in and said yes. That was it, Anna ran with it.

ink inside out-anna castillo-Motherhood-16 years of Service-September 2013

Anna is like that, just puts faith in you, even if you’re uncertain of where to go and what to do. She has a way of just energizing you, even if it’s not your plan, it becomes yours to own! Anna has added me to the team, so I am a part of the TEAM!! I am excited and nervous, but hope I am able to provide great info, great laughs, and if nothing else, a little knowledge along the way!

Inkinsideout-mercia cummings-Motherhood-Be careful what you wish for-august-2014Funny story is, and a little known fact, that my minor was creative writing! I have notebooks on my desk in my basement of essays, poems, and stories I have written since childhood. I had a blog, but it’s more like an open diary, so I only write on it when I am deep in thought about my own life journey.

I hope to share the many thoughts, ideas, plans, and questions I have about life. I also look forward to the audience to feed me with ideas and questions!

That’s it, my first blog for this week. Check me out weekly!!

Anna, thank you for this opportunity and I look forward to this beautiful experience!!

~ Mercia Cummings

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