A Glass of Water

I had a wonderful weekend and I will post more about it later this week.  I wanted this post to focus on my one-on-one interaction with my best friend, lover, and boyfriend Jason Wood.  Our relationship came to be by accident.  Oh, I am not complaining at all!  I am grateful.  Extremely grateful, and I thank God everyday for allowing him to be in my life.

Ink inside out-anna castillo-lover’s lane-A Glass of Water-september-2014

Today, he leaves yet again for DC.  I hope one day soon he will transfer home.  For now, we spend any time we can with each other and cherish every moment of it.  Our days our filled with conversation, love, and of course I can’t go more than a couple of hours without laughing.  We brighten each other’s day, spirits, and overall sense of being.  I know he loves me and I love him.

Ink inside out-anna castillo-lover’s lane-A Glass of Water-september-2014

I am a huge Lady Gaga fan and found that she has been practicing a lot of meditation and self-awareness.  Her teacher is Marina Abramovic.  If you do not know who she is, I recommend you check her out.  She has an exercise which involves drinking a glass of water consciously for 30 mins.

I live such a fast paced life with so much negativity (forensics based) and I need to find time for me.  I wanted to do this exercise with JDubs before he left and  I love that he just goes along with my antics.  In this case I was really serious.  So, we put in an opera/mediation-like cd, sat blind folded across from one another, while my favorite Indian incense burned in the background, and held a glass a water.  We sipped the glass of water for approximately 30 minutes while slowly caressing each other’s legs with the free hand.  (Hi!  Jason here!  Sooooo…..I watched the video series Anna was talking about and was somewhat skeptical.  She asked me to do this little project with her and I was like, “Sure!”.  Then, within minutes she has incense lit, two glasses of water on the table, and tackles me with a blindfold.  I was curious if this was truly a “water experiment” or if I was about to be “water boarded”. )

Ink inside out-anna castillo-lover’s lane-A Glass of Water-september-2014

Ink inside out-anna castillo-lover’s lane-A Glass of Water-september-2014It is remarkable how we have let ourselves forget the way our body utilizes the senses.  Obviously, for this exercise, we do not use the sense of sight.  Therefore, we rely on all the others.  I held the glass of ice water in my hand and felt the cold wet glass on my finger tips.  The ice bounced around inside the glass creating a change in feeling.  I slowly raised the glass to my lips and let the water barely touch before taking a sip.  The water filled my mouth the way a waterfall fills a new body of water.  I allowed the water to rest in my mouth before swallowing.  Consciously feeling the water glide down my throat into my body.  (Hi….me again!  The water, being the source of life, is something we take for granted.  All the water bucket challenges, all the times playing in the sprinkler as a kid, and the wasted water bottles, we don’t realize what we are doing.  We are enjoying the very essence of life without looking or considering the long term affects.  When I put the glass to my lips, tilted it ever so slightly, I took a breath in through my nose feeling the cold, breathing the cold, taking in the thought of what was about to happen.  I was giving my body new life, keeping it healthy, replenished, invigorated.  As I tipped the glass, I first let the water touch my lips for a bit, feeling its welcoming kiss, its refreshing touch.  I opened my lips and let the water flow in slowly, just enough to coat my tongue.  After removing the glass from my lips, I sat there with the water in my mouth for a minute and focused on the appreciation of having this gift.  A gift that I can go the the fridge or sink and get the water I need.  This gift that we on Earth don’t all share and many (most) take for granted.  I challenge you all to take this experiment of appreciation of our life source, water, and enjoy it with the one you love.  Not only will you feel great, it is very intimate and sensual.  Who knows what might happen next!  This is a wonderful exercise for mind, body, and spirit.  Try this exercise before long stressful days or before travel.  It may even prevent a sudden onset of “aerial narcolepsy.”

Ink inside out-anna castillo-lover’s lane-A Glass of Water-september-2014

They say water symbolizes purity.  I have never paid attention to the actions of consuming a simple glass of water.  It was a pleasant surprise.  Then I felt Jason’s hands slowly embrace my leg.  His hands were soft and warm.  I took my free hand and began to feel his thigh.  It was warm and hairy. 😉  I gently rubbed his thigh down towards his ankle starting from the outside and working in.  Then, doing it in reverse order while continuing to sip my water.  I was floored by the mental results and stimulus of this exercise.  I didn’t think of any other place I had to be, or thing I needed to do.  I was just there… with him.

I love you Jason! Have a safe trip back and hurry home!

XOXO Besos,

Anna Castillo and Jason Wood

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