INK…Cosmetics 2015 Focus

Inkinsideout-jason wood-Man Cave-INK...Cosmetics 2015 Focus-september-2014

Well it’s that time of year!  INK…Cosmetics has unveiled their three new focus areas for 2015.  Take a look at the vision video below:

One thing we pride ourselves on is the fact our followers are organic to INK… meaning we don’t buy our followers on social media. Our customers and clients are valued patrons who buy from us, blog with us, and seek advice all based on the reputation of the brand.

You all know INK…Cosmetics, LLC is about giving back to the consumer and the community. Starting this fall we will help select cancer survivors enhance their beauty by providing them with a free beauty makeover, a make-up lesson, and of course a free INK…Cosmetics product.
Inkinsideout-jason wood-Fashion and Beauty-INK...Cosmetics 2015 Focus-september-2014

This is a time for everyone to pull together and give back, or at a minimum, do what we can to help. INK…Cosmetics, LLC hopes you will help us lead the way! With your continued support we can make a difference. We ask you spread the word, share our posts, looks, and articles. We challenge you to join us on this journey.

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Please contact Jason Wood, Marketing Director at to discover what INK…cosmetics has to offer.


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