Shaving Academy 101

So I have been shaving for sometime now and have switched from one razor to another in hopes of finding something that would stop irritating my neck. I’ve gone from a regular blade style razor to a multi-blade razor. Over the last couple of years I went to the Gillette Power Fusion with the vibrating blades and it seemed to work.

Well, at least until my neck threw in the towel on this one too. I have a trimmed beard so all I really have to shave are my cheeks and neck so I get a fairly long life out of the blades. I guess I may be trying to get too long a life out of these blades trying to save some money. These blades would make you think they are made of a rare medal found only in the remote mines of a far away magical land. At $34.00 for eight cartridges replacing blades gets to be an event one doesn’t look forward to.

Well, this year I made a promise to take better care of myself and stop pinching pennies. I have walked by The Art of Shaving for many years, looked at the prices and kept on walking. This year, I searched it out, walked into the store, and absolutely was amazed at what I was missing out on.

ink inside out-Jason Wood-Man Cave-Shaving Academy-101-January 2015

The first thing I noticed was how clean and fresh the place smelled, then I looked over and saw this awesome barber’s chair used for shaving by the on-site master barber. Which I found out is usually booked about a week out when they are there on the weekends.

ink inside out-Jason Wood-Man Cave-Shaving Academy-101-January 2015

 I looked around and took a few photos of what they had to offer. Everything manly, all things beard, mustache, shaving, and skin care. Then I met David who was the professional working during my visit. I was curious about the straight razors, something that had always intrigued me from my old-school high and tight haircuts days. After David cracked jokes and continued to educate me, we looked at the handled safety razors and the benefits they offer opposed to the straight razors. After a new education on shaving oils, creams, gels, and lotions, we locked in on what I had to buy.  I got the razor and stand below as well as a “travel kit” which has the necessary items to get started along with a $25.00 gift card for my next purchase of a full kit.

 ink inside out-Jason Wood-Man Cave-Shaving Academy-101-January 2015

I have been in multiple specialty stores before and have always felt pushed to buy something then something to support that, then some secret add on. David was different, this store was different; there was no pushing, no secret add-ons. In fact, David provided me with more or less buyer’s secrets on how to get what I wanted now, and save up to $25.00 when I return for a resupply.

I put my razor together with the new blades and displayed it to show if off!  Proud of my new tools!

ink inside out-Jason Wood-Man Cave-Shaving Academy-101-January 2015 ink inside out-Jason Wood-Man Cave-Shaving Academy-101-January 2015

 Keep in mind fellas; the girls are looking at your face, analyzing, your pores, your eyes, your skin, and how you take care of yourself. Why not do it right the first time?

I will be writing more in the coming days on the best ways to take care of your skin and keep that refined yet masculine look.

Thank you David for being a professional who enjoys your job and makes the sell without pushing the customer. Thank you The Art of Shaving for providing such a clean store with professionally trained staff who knows what customer service is all about.


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