Positive Outcomes

ink inside out-Jason Wood-Man Cave-Positive Outcomes-January 2015

I’ve always believed that good things happen to good people. Something a little different is the power of positive thinking, which Anna introduced me to some time ago. Did I buy into whole-heartedly at first, no; but that has since changed.

We have been friends for a long time but it wasn’t untill we started really hanging out did I really begin to see the power of positive thinking. We compliment one another so well; I seem to be the emotional rock, there to comfort her when things get tough or overwhelming.  She seems to be the spiritual rock telling me to think positive and we would will things to happen. Are these the same you ask; no, not really. One compliments the other.  We just get one another and have learned so much from one another and that is why I am madly in love with her. We are natural together, belong together, meant to love one another; together!

 ink inside out-Jason Wood-Man Cave-Positive Outcomes-January 2015

Well, this post isn’t all about our love, it’s about the lessons learned and how I was a good student, passed on what she taught me, and how it impacted another couple. I was trying to fly out of Texas trying to get back to Virginia after the New Year holiday. My flight was scheduled for Sunday but the airline had a mechanical issue in the morning, which impacted flights all day eventually leaving me in Texas another night. Yeah me! Boo work shift! So the next afternoon I’m at the airport and get on the plane and get settled in sitting next to a gentleman wearing a University of Texas sweater, had to be a good dude! Off and on through the flight we begin to talk and he tells me he was flying “buddy passes” from his brother who was a pilot for the same airline. He informed me he had been tying to fly out since yesterday trying to get back to Maryland constantly getting bumped from flight to flight. I told him to stay positive, it would all work out. I gave him my flight number for my flight out of Atlanta.  He was not aware of that flight and jotted it down.

ink inside out-Jason Wood-Man Cave-Positive Outcomes-January 2015

We land in Atlanta and exchange info as he has some work contacts we can both benefit from. I tell him again to stay positive; he and his wife will make it home tonight. So after a short layover, we meet again at the gate. He introduces me to his wife and I ask him how things were looking. He tells me he is on the standby list at the number eight and nine slots. I tell him, “Don’t worry about it, you’ll be the top two in no time, then on the plane on the way home. Stay positive.  Positive thinking will yield positive results!” About five minutes later, they were the number one and two slots! I get on the plane, see numerous empty seats, and ask the stewardess if she could make sure my friends made it on. She told me she would see what she could do. Just before the doors shut, here they come! They made it on!

After we land in D.C. I see them near the luggage carousel. As I walk up they are all smiles and grab me and hug me. I’m like “What the heck is going on?” They both tell me how grateful they are we met and how I brought so much positive energy into their trip. They offered to call me in the future for dinner and we wished one another a happy New Year.

ink inside out-Jason Wood-Man Cave-Positive Outcomes-January 2015

Here are the key takeaways. First, I am humble enough to say, “Thank you my angel” to my beautiful significant other for teaching me the power of positive thinking. Secondly, no matter how bad things may get, if you stay focused, stay positive, and put yourself mentally where you want to be physically, you will get there. Set yourself up for success, take the time to breathe, say a prayer, and focus on your desired outcome…it will happen!

See ya soon!


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