Ink inside out-mercia cummings-Wellness-Intentions-January-2015I know that in a new year, we enter with grand plans, goals, and ideas. January we start out strong, focused, but soon life jumps in and we get distracted, forgetful, lazy, and the excuses come. Trust me, I am famous for it. Yet, setting intentions allows us to focus the mind daily, to set into practice the vision we see for ourselves. It allows us to set forth a map, for our wishes, goals, plans.

Ink inside out-mercia cummings-Wellness-Intentions-January-2015

So for the next few blogs, I will focus on setting your intentions and helping you do the same.

So let’s start at the end.

What is the outcome that you see for yourself? Is it to be more positive, focused, exercise, sleep more, eat healthier?  What is your vision for a healthier, better, loving you? Whatever you choose, be sure to stay positive.

To start, use the statement,  “I am”, speak your intentions as if it already exists. If you’re unsure, then state, “I intend”.  A few examples of statements to say:

I am to manifest happiness.

I intend to lead by example.

I am open to success and abundance.

I intend to make exercise an important part of my lifestyle.

I am able to forgive myself and others.

Ink inside out-mercia cummings-Wellness-Intentions-January-2015

By starting at the end, the mind is able to establish where it will go. It already has the vision of what to do, you have informed the universe of the direction you want to go. You have set your soul into the highest point, your place here on earth.

I am off now to set my own intentions, I hope you enjoy and come up with some great intentions.  Post some of your intentions in the comments section! I would love to read them, and who knows, they may help to inspire others!!

With love,

Mercia Cummings

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