Intentions…Keeping it Positive

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 How are you doing with your intentions?  Well, let’s get back to focusing on them!!

It can be so easy to focus on the things we don’t want in our lives.

I don’t want any more bills. I don’t want to lose. I don’t want to be picked last. I don’t want to go to work. I don’t wanna…I don’t wanna….

Unfortunately, what happens is we attract all of those things. We get more bills, we lose, we attract a partner with the qualities we don’t want.  Or, we end up attracting something bad that results in us not doing what we wanted to do.  I know I used to take slick…I mean sick leave in my 20’s and then I would turn around and get sick. I stopped that when I started seeing the correlation between the thought and then the action.

It’s so easy to fall in this trap of negative thinking, focusing on all the things we don’t want; but we have to change our minds.  Literally, change your mind to something positive when setting your intentions for the day, week, month, and year.

For instance, I am not a morning person.  I wake up thinking “didn’t I just go to sleep?”, “Do I have to get up?”, “I want to go back to bed!”.  I am constantly working to remind myself “I am a morning person”. If this doesn’t work, I start thinking of all I am grateful for in my life, the purpose for me to get up, and the energy to keep going. This focuses my day to be a positive one, I find that energy to get up and exercise, and my day kicks off!

Ink inside out-mercia cummings-Wellness-Intentions...Keeping it Positive-January-2015

So change your mind to the positive. I know it seems corny, may even sound corny, but it works.  Instead of saying “I don’t want to pay anymore bills”, you may say “I am so grateful for this electric bill that allows my children to stay warm, complete their homework, and to turn on the lights.” I have a friend that writes thank you on each of her bills before she mails them off, or will say thank you to the computer screen when paying online.

Ink inside out-mercia cummings-Wellness-Intentions...Keeping it Positive-January-2015

If you are judging a part of the body, find something positive in it. I used to despise my skinny legs, I would wear jeans even on the hottest of days to hide them, and the few skirts I owned would literally have dust on them.  Then, it dawned on me there were plenty of people in the world that would take my skinny, functional legs any day.  I had to remind myself I am so blessed to have skinny legs that allowed me to walk, run, jump and chase my daughter.  When I worked on that, my intention was “I am completely whole, my body is beautiful, and I love it.”  I love shorts, and you know what, it’s so much cooler not wearing jeans on hot days!  Plus, I feel sassy in a skirt and heels!

Ink inside out-mercia cummings-Wellness-Intentions...Keeping it Positive-January-2015

So, choose intentions that will inspire you, that are positive, uplifting, and be sure to speak it as if it is happening now.  I know that if you are struggling, I recommended “I intend”, but eventually you will turn that into “I am!”.

Just a few things to think about:

I am lovable and loving.

I am healthy.

I will smile at a stranger every day.

I attract only positive and loving people in my life.

Until next time beautiful,

Mercia Cummings

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