Ink inside out-mercia cummings-Lover's Lane-Passion-February-2015The last few weeks, I’ve had writers block. I sat in front of my computer and iPad and nothing came to mind.  I can have a million thoughts a day, but when it was time to get it out, I got nothing.  So, I hit up my blogging partners and informed them of my dilemma, so it was suggested I think of love, since it is the month of love.  I was excited, okay I can do this and then ……nothing!!

However, a word got stuck in my head.  A word that kept repeating over and over as I went through my days.  So I decided there is my motivation, my writing prompt.  The word stalked me for days. Passion! Passion, I love the word.  To me, it elicits such a strong response.

I decided to look the word up and here’s what I found:

1.  Any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate.

2.  Strong amorous feeling or desire; love; ardor.

3.  Strong sexual desire; lust.

4.  An instance or experience of strong love or sexual desire.

5.  A person toward whom one feels strong love or sexual desire.

6.  A strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything: a passion for music.

7.  The object of such a fondness or desire.

Ink inside out-mercia cummings-Lover's Lane-Passion-February-2015

So what’s the point of this, I just want to know, what is your passion?  What’s something you do that motivates you to get up, to get going, to make a difference?  Who in your life is your passion, in love, life, and that every cell in your body feels?  I realize I have a passion as a therapist.

Ink inside out-mercia cummings-Lover's Lane-Passion-February-2015

I love working with my clients and seeing them successfully find their path.  I love the aha moment, or the breakthrough to finding their greatness.  I found I wasn’t feeling passionate with my jewelry making.  So I took a break, cleaned up and organized and then the passion seemed to have returned.

Ink inside out-mercia cummings-Lover's Lane-Passion-February-2015

As for those around me, my daughter is my passion.  She is the reason I’ve pushed myself, so she could have a good role model.  My Soul Child is my reason for being.  I have a passion for my hubby.  I am the wife and mother I am because of his influence. My family and friends are my passion, to be there for them.

Ink inside out-mercia cummings-Lover's Lane-Passion-February-2015                               Ink inside out-mercia cummings-Lover's Lane-Passion-February-2015

So for the month of love, where does your passion focus?  If you don’t have a passion, find one, a hobby, something that sings to your heart.  Can’t think of someone, volunteer somewhere and find that person, look at the people who surround you, who’s the person that motivates you?  Somewhere in all of our lives there exists a passion.

For the month of love, embrace your passion, find your passion, be your passion!!

Happy Love loves!!

Mercia Cummings

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