Time Management

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My name is Mercia and I am horrible at time management.  I start out pretty good.  But life takes over and I go with it.

I know I am not unique in wearing 50 million hats, I have a full-time job as a contractor with the National Guard, I have a small private behavioral health practice, and I make and sell jewelry (mkt.com/sky-e-beads).  I am also a p/t blogger, but have been slacking in that responsibility (Sorry Inkinsideout.com , I promise to do better!!).  Have I mentioned I am also a wife and mother?  So I recognize the importance of time management, and am committing myself to it.

Ink inside out-mercia cummings-Wellness- Time Management-April-2015

So, like many folks out there, my time is packed.  I love staying busy, and I love everything that I do.  I love my job and colleagues, I appreciate my clients and the journey they are on, I love making jewelry.  My role as a mother and wife, give my purpose, love, joy and everything in between.  So minimum complaints here about where life is and where it is taking me.

It is something I am working at being better at, time management.  One thing I do is use a planner.  Yes, I am old fashion and I have to write things down.  It helps commit it to memory, and it provides me an opportunity to look ahead and back when I need to.  Yes, I have plenty of technology (computer, phone, iPad) , but that to me seems more of a hassle than anything!  However, I recognize the necessary evil of using technology.  I am now learning to use both, with my phone being my back up.

Ink inside out-mercia cummings-Wellness- Time Management-April-2015

Luckily, I am not hopeless at this time.

I have gotten better with writing out my weekly goals every Friday for the following week (work related, personal, and business), which helps keep me focused and organized.  I then specify the day with what will be accomplished such as which room to clean, jewelry piece to make, and things to do at work.  This has helped greatly, since I now have my phone to remind me to do the blog, which I have been neglecting this month.  I have also set it to remind me each Friday, to do my weekly goals.  The noise from my phone going off, catches my attention and I know I have to get on it.  I plan to extend this by using it for track meets, vending events, and other such things that life brings.

Ink inside out-mercia cummings-Wellness- Time Management-April-2015

I have no excuses at this point.  I have the skills and know how (I work with my clients on this often). So when my alarm went off today, I decided to sit down and get this done and share my dirty little secret, I suck at time management.

To make this time management thing work, I have to be sure to use it!!!  Many of us have those things we use and then we forget, fail, decline to use them; but guess what, we have to.  Life won’t stop to let us do get everything done, but at least having it organized, even I know, means I get so much more done than I normally would.

Ink inside out-mercia cummings-Wellness- Time Management-April-2015

So wish me luck in my technology/old fashion approach to my life!!  Please make any suggestions/tricks/approaches you all use in your time management.  I figure if we all help each other, we can be successful at time management!!

Mercia Cummings

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