Fear Itself

Ink inside out-mercia cummings-Wellness- Fear Itself-May-2015How often have you let fear keep you from doing something?  How many excuses have you come up with to not do something, because of fear?  How many times have you avoided people, things, situations, projects, opportunities because of fear?

Yup, fear is a b*#ch!!  Fear keeps us from doing so much, but what if we can use it to make things happen?  What if we could use fear to motivate us, to get out of a comfort zone, to learn something new?

I get it fear, is just that, scary.  Becoming a therapist was scary; will I be good at it, will I know the right questions to ask or say the right things, will I make a difference, and most of all, will I even get any clients?  I did it; I have to admit I think I am pretty good at the whole therapy thing!!

Ink inside out-mercia cummings-Wellness- Fear Itself-May-2015

Becoming a mom, was a fear, will I be any good at it, will I give her what she needs in life, protect her and teach her all the right things?  I’ve got a pretty good soul child, so I have to say I am doing something right (yes her father, my partner, my hubby is always there to balance things out!! LOL!!)!!

With most things, it came with some fear in life, but I remind myself would I rather try and say I tried, or always wonder, what if?  That has always been my motivation, to try.

So, what are you afraid of doing?  What has kept you from a new hobby, a new job, traveling, learning something new?  I say kick that Fear in the balls and make it happen.  It may take some time, you may have to work a little harder, but if your heart is in it; then you can make it work out for you.  I wish I could tell you I have all the time in the world, I don’t, but what I have to work with, I do just that…work with it.

Yes, there will be failures, but that is where the “I tried” comes in.  I had a full-time private practice but once the recession hit, my clients declined due to losing insurance, no gas to come, no money, or having to go back to work.  I worked with as many as possible because I did not want to just end therapy, but even I had to make a living.  Was I happy to see this happen?  Of course not, but I understood the circumstances, since my family too; became a victim of it.

So I decided to find a job that would have me working with the military.  My husband, being a service member, and the struggles we had due to changes in employment; I found a new appreciation for Reservist and the Guard.  I found a job with the Navy Reserve as a contractor and then to my current job (which I love). I knew I did not want to give up my practice completely so I now do it a couple of times a week, which allowed me to then turn my hobby of jewelry making into a business.  I was scared making and now selling jewelry, but with encouragement from Anna, I jumped out there, and so far so good!!!  Even down to writing this blog, fear stood there in front of me and caused me to think, will people read it, I haven’t written in years.  Do I even know how to write anything people want to read?  Well someone out there is reading what I am writing, so again, I think I am doing something right.

I guess I am sharing this because, I don’t want you to be afraid. I want you to make your dreams a reality, to live a life of. “I did”, “I am”, “I accomplished”, “I tried”, “I did”, and “I am doing!”

Until next time loves,

Mercia Cummings

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