Father’s Day 2015

I want to say Happy Father’s Day to all those Dads out there. Long story short; I did not see my Dad after I was around two because he and my Mom got divorced. It wasn’t until I was about seventeen that I searched him out and found him in the adjacent town. Against my Mom’s wishes, I contacted him and we linked up, caught up, and reconnected after all those years. I actually moved in with him and his girlfriend (now wife).  In just under a year or so I was off to Air Force basic training and then shipped off to Germany. We only saw each other about once a year when I went home on leave. I just retired after twenty years of service and am in Maryland, he is in Texas. I still don’t get to see him like I want to. I would prefer to be in Texas so I could take a drive to see him, or he could come visit me. I miss my Dad. Yea, I’m forty years old and am not ashamed to say I miss him.

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Although we are not in physical proximity to me, he is there when I need him, only a phone call away, day or night. We are in each other’s hearts and minds and just because we weren’t together every day of our lives, I love this man like crazy. So, as many of you know, I like to write poems. I think in some cases cards are so cliché, so this year, I wrote my Dad a Father’s Day letter.


It’s Hard To Believe Forty Years Ago This Man Was Born To This Father. In A Short Time The Two Were Taken Apart From One Another, But He Always Knew Who His Father Was. The Same Blood, The Same Heart, The Same Love.

Seventeen Years Pass, The Two Having Only A Couple Chance Encounters, Finally Come Together Trying To Find All Those Lost Years. Every Day They Come Closer Still Knowing They Were The Same, In Blood, In Heart, In Love.

With Less Than Two Years Together, They Were Again Separated, Continents Apart. Seeing Each Other Once Each Year Sometimes Not Even That. Twenty Years Go By And Now Living Far Apart, He Still Knows Who His Father Is.

You See, It’s Not About Being Side By Side. It’s Not About Sitting Together Everyday. It’s About The Love A Father Gives His Son. It’s The “I Love You Son”, It’s The “I’m Proud Of You”, It’s The “You Never Let Me Down”.

On This Father’s Day, I Say To You Dad, “I Love YOU, I’m Proud Of YOU, And You Have Never Let ME Down”.

Your Son!


I hope you all get the chance to spend Father’s Day with your Fathers. As a minimum, at least talk to them on the phone or even FaceTime or Skype. As a Father myself, it was awesome to talk to my daughter this morning, then get to FaceTime with her later as well. She means the world to me.

So enjoy that time with the kids Dads. Kids, cherish those Dads. We never know what the future holds, so live each day to the fullest and NEVER take for granted what you have in family.

God bless,


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