Punked Proposal: Crime Scene Style

I said YES! XOXO Besos Anna Castillo

VIDEO description:

Best proposal EVER! Mock/Faux Crime Scene proposal causes an emotional rollercoaster for Celebrity Makeup Artist and Forensics Criminal Investigator Anna Castillo.

The (faux) “Death” note read in the video has nuances of Anna’s life with her now fiancé Jason Wood. Anna is so caught up in mentally processing the crime scene she doesn’t figure it out until the end of the message with the “five, five, five” reference. This was the time her father passed away when she was 14 years old. She has seen the number sequence (555) everyday since then. Her reaction to the fact that the “victim” was actually alive was priceless! Anna’s passion for helping victims of crimes was evident in her reaction. She was so overcome with joy, relief, and gratefulness to both Jason’s proposal and the fact that Ms. Woods (victim/deceased) that Anna literally lost her breath. Oh, and she did say YES!

Special thanks to all who assisted with pulling this off! Well done Jason Wood! Congratulations Jason and Anna!

Want more? Check out their blog at http://www.inkinsideout.com

Note from Anna:

As you watch you must know this… Being a criminal investigator is my passion. My love for forensic science investigations cannot be measured. My tears were for both excitement and overwhelming relief that Ms. Woods was not an actual victim. My mindset going into this scene was full on work mode. My training in all I do flooded my head and my focus was to catch the subject (criminal) who did this to her. I received a pre-brief outside the room which disclosed the Subject fled the area and was being pursued by law enforcement. Our scene was rendered safe and I was in full CSI mode. Boy did they get me! Thank you to all who made this an unforgettable experience. XOXO Blessings to all! Love, Anna Castillo

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