Ink inside out-anna castillo-Fashion and Beauty-LASHout!-March-2016

I am not sure why I didn’t end up with good lash genes.  I remembered being younger and trying every type of mascara in hopes I could achieve the full sassy and drama filled volume I wanted but in the end wasted my hard earned dollars on poorly made products.  I finally got smart and decided to manufacture my own all-time favorite Whispy lashes (as seen above).  I wanted something that would be full and natural looking.  Something that was easy to prep and apply.  So I worked to perfect my lash technique and here’s my secret!

  1. Apply your eye makeup as desired.  Save the mascara until later.
  2. Prep lashes: Start by curling your real lashes by using a lash curler.
  3. Pick your style:   There are several on the market.  Be careful with how spread out the lashes are on the strip.  You are going for a natural sexy look not auditioning for a part on Broadway.  Measure the lashes to your eye.  If you need to cut them, do it only on the outer (longer side) portions.
  4. Glue Tip:  I choose to use black lash adhesive.  It goes on gray when wet and dries black.  Remember less is more!  Squeeze a little lash glue on the strip and dab a little more on the ends (if they start to come up it will be on the inner and outer corners first).
  5. Apply them correctly:  Use the pointy edge of your tweezers to grab the lash close to the center of the strip and place it on your lash line starting at the center and working the lash along your lash line.  Remember to keep it close to the natural lash line as possible and hold them there for approximately 30 seconds.  Pinch the faux lashes to your real lashes and apply mascara on the underside only.  Try INK Cosmetics, LLC volumizing mascara in black.  While the lashes are still wet use your tweezers to “adhere” them together.  The mascara will dry and hold them allowing for a more real look from the side view.
  6. Final Touch:  Finish with an ultra thin line of liquid liner for a smooth more realistic look.

Ink inside out-anna castillo-Fashion and Beauty-LASHout!-March-2016




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