Okay, I tried to buy new bras the other day and of course I should have never brought JW with me.  This guy is something else!  Inside the department store he decides to show me his rendition of “the bra bug”.  I was in shock.  He found what had to be the largest bra in the store, placed the bra on his head to cover his eyes and stuck his arms through the straps as he swung his arms around like a monkey grunting.  I was so embarrassed but it made for a great laugh.  Never a dull moment for sure!

In this post I wanted to share some tips for your Spring 2016 bra search.  I am on the hunt for new lingerie at the moment as I am working hard with a nutritionist and personal trainer to get my body back to a size 6.  I am on a mission big time!  In doing so I thought I would share a few of my favorite picks and I wanted to include a quick guide on how to properly size yourself for a bra.  I hope you enjoy this post.  XOXO AC

Current favorite combos…


Sizing Guide:

Step 1:

Put on a bra that gives you decent lift and support, wrap a measuring tape around your rib cage, just around the band of the bra, and make sure it is parallel to the floor all the way around.  This helps to determine your band size.  Round up to the nearest even number of inches to arrive at measurement #1.

Step 2:

Next, wrap the measuring tape around your body at the fullest point of your breasts.   Make sure the tape is parallel to the floor all the way around, and round up to the nearest even number of inches.  This is to determine your cup size, or measurement #2.

Step 3:

Subtract measurement #1 from measurement #2.  For example, let’s say measurement #1 is 32, and measurement #2 is 34. 34-32=2. Then, apply that number to this scale to determine your cup size: 0=AA, 1=A, 2=B, 3=C, 4=D, 5=DD.  So, the cup size for our example would be B.

Step 4:

To determine your band size, take measurement #1 and add 4. Our example of 30 would have (you guessed it) a 34 band size.

Step 5:

Put ’em together! In this case, the full bra size would be 36B.


Now you have your measurements set and you are ready to start bra shopping.  This measurement technique will help you stay pretty true to this size.  Let us not forget the fact that some brands are different than others so be prepared for some slight adjustments.

If there are gaps you may want to go down a size so the cup hugs your curves.

If the straps are too tight or too loose then you band may be too big.  So, go down a size.


If your boobs are popping out try a bigger cup.

We would love to here how your shopping went!  Share your story below and feel free to post your pics on our social media sites @inkcosmetics.

Here are a few of my Spring time favorite lingerie pics!  #musthaves

#1  Edge O’Beyond Spring / Summer 2016


#2  Intimissimi Underwear Collection Spring Summer 2016


#3  Ashley Graham Lingerie Collection – Spring 2016 Style360

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