Fresh Start

It has been some time folks and I do apologize for that. It is so easy to get distracted by the many hats, and most of us wear severals. It can be as simple and hard all at the same time. When I had time, I was a bum (my confession) and when I didn’t, just never thought about it.

I have found myself distracted by important and unimportant things. But this summer, many changes have occurred, and I am using it as an opportunity to release things, people, responsibilities, and so many others (less hats!!).  I am also focusing on the things that are most important to me.  This year has come with many lessons, and I am so appreciative of them.  I have learned that words are pretty, but action is gorgeous.  I stop buying dreams and enjoying reality (or fighting it depending on the day).  Life and lessons have come plentiful, hard, but is truly a gift (appreciation).

So, as I work to reconnect with myself, I decided that this blog was an important piece to me. It is a voice that helps me share my knowledge, even learn as I type my thoughts, feelings, actions.  Its my louder voice (and I can be pretty loud).  Most of all I just hope all those who read this will grow.  

I would think about the blog, often, but then I would just get distracted with life.  I began just writing the last few months, feeling like I would be ahead of the game.  So some things will be pre-written and others (like this one) will be inspired by a random thoughts.

I would like to ask our audience, as we get back in the flow of things with the blog, what are some things you would like to read about. What are some of your own random thoughts, experiences, and questions you may have? I figure that if this is a blog to get the people, then the people should inspire many of its content.  

I have to admit I am happy to be back in the fold of INK. It has inspired me tremendously to take care of myself, inside and out. I have missed this and am appreciative to be getting back in the flow of things. So why not be a part of something so amazing?!?

Now let’s do this!!!

Until next time loves,




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