Counting My Blessings


The last two weeks have been, CRAZY!!!!

I have dealt with loss in various ways.  Some of it was weighing on me, while some of it became a release. I kept my chin up and in my optimistic way, knew that something better was just around the corner. I’ve been putting money into my car for various repairs, so financially, I was a little frustrated. Overall, however, in good spirits and just fixated on my day to day stuff.

Then on Saturday, I was in a hit and run.  As I watched the individual speed off (Yes, I chased them but lost them), I just knew my car would be a wreck, the anger and frustration of the week all hit. The loss, the money spent on the car, work, and just everything my mind could pull to the forefront of my thoughts came flooding my mind.  I even text a friend, “I can’t catch a break.”  I just felt like I did not need anything else to fall a part in my life.   Astonishingly, when I rounded my car, the damage was not as bad as my imagination had me believing.

I got back in the car with my best friend and just told her how blessed we were. As we waited for the police, we discussed how I had mentioned taking a girls with us, my aunt usually rides back there, or that my 2 fur babies could have been there.  As hard as he hit my car, anyone in the back would have felt the full impact.  Then to think that my little car held up, AMAZING.  We laughed and joked about what happened and our gratitude.  I even hugged my car when I got home, because that car has been steadfast for 11 years.  I even realized that my not catching the bum that left the scene, could have been a blessing because he could have potentially hurt us.

I was happy to think that I could have lost my best friend, or she could have lost me; yet we were both there laughing.  We hugged and just talked for a while as we headed to our destination. I summed it up that the bum just hit the negative out of us and its all his to deal with. We were able to continue on our journey from there, have a great time making jewelry and meet new people.

These last two weeks have been a reminder that the most positive people can go through trials, but its remaining focused.  I was prompted to think, nothing is permanent in life.  So appreciate what and how is in the now, while it is present.

I wish there was some way to avoid the negative, the bad, the ugly. I have joked with clients, if I develop the pill to everlasting happy, I am quitting and going to work for Oprah!!  But honestly, would I appreciate the good if there was no rough times to go through?  I mean it is simply saying thank you to life, and all it brings.  It’s finding that beauty in the chaos.  The rainbow after the storm, or even in the storm. It’s all about being thankful for all that goes wrong, so that there is so much more appreciation when things go right.

I am so happy, appreciative, and thankful that other than a slightly sore back; all is good with me and my best friend. I am happy to report no one was hurt and even with all that has happened. Life is good, because I am here to enjoy it.

So every day I am encouraging you (and I will do it also) to take a moment either in the morning or in the evening to find your appreciations of the day.  Remain focused on what is a head because things eventually do get better; and if not you can get better in the middle of it all.

Until next time beautiful people,



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