10 Quick Fixes To Consider Before Selling Your Home!

So, it’s about time to sell your home… Here are some easy upgrades to help make your home more appealing to buyers.

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As a seller, you should be thinking less about you and more about the new buyer.  Meaning your home should appeal to as many people as possible.  It should stand out amongst the crowd.

Painting, organizing, and decluttering will go a long way to towards helping you achieve your goal.  The next 10 tips make it even simpler.  They will take your home down the path for a quick sale.  other simple home staging tips can up your home’s wow factor and lead to a quick sale.

1. Have all of your carpeting cleaned

If you have pets this is a necessity!  If your carpets are garbage then transport those suckers to the dump and install something new and neutral.

2. Give your moldings a makeover

Take some time for a quick touch-up of any moldings that are chipped or scuffed.  Use Magic Eraser for any marks on the walls that doesn’t need a coat of paint.

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3. Outdoor living

This area is just as important as your inside spaces.  Upgrade existing outdoor furniture by purchasing new cushions or pillows, give your grill a good cleaning, and add some potted plants or flowers.

4. Freshen up your front door

I know with our Texas heat, you can find your exterior sun-dried or faded after a long hot Summer.  Give it a coat of paint and replace your house numbers with a more modern font.  Ensure your entryway looks tidy; don’t welcome potential buyers with clutter.  That means no stray soccer cleats or sets of keys by the door.

5. Roof algae 

Algae of moss may make buyers think your roof is old and will need to be replaced soon.  I recommend hiring a professional for this one.  Don’t use a pressure washer — the power of the spray could damage shingles.

6. Well oiled machine

Make sure all your mechanical devices are in working order.  Have these items cleaned and inspected prior to putting your house up for sale.

7. Closet space

Declutter your closet and give your nicer garments to a local thrift store or church in order to pass it on to someone who needs it more than you did.  Organize the rest so your buyer can see your closet’s full potential.

8. Update your outlets

If your electrical outlets and switches are outdated and yellowed, replace them with a more modern version. Make sure to use the same style in each room for a uniform look. Replace your switch plates too if they’re looking a little dingy.

9. Replace your toilet seats

It’s an inexpensive upgrade that goes a long way toward making your bathroom appear updated. Ditto a new shower curtain and a fresh coat of grout in the shower.

10. Get a handle on it

Spruce up older kitchen cabinets or drawers by either adding or replacing the knobs and pulls with a more modern or unique version.  This is an inexpensive task, yet it can make a huge difference in your kitchen’s appeal.

In no time you will have them saying, “home sweet home!”

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Need extra help?  Please feel free to call our counterparts www.interiorsbyink.com for your home staging and interior design needs or if you are in need of real estate assistance contact the relocation specialists at Ironwood Realty Group.

XOXO besos,

Anna “Jo-Jo” Castillo

Want more? Check out www.inkcosmetics.com!

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