H 2 OH! Product Review.

Hello loves! Today I’m going to be reviewing the Evian facial spray! I’ve had this for a few months and I finally have my opinion on it in the time I’ve used it. Let’s start off with the claims.

EVIAN www.inkcosmetics.com


  • This facial spray claims to ‘Awake your skin and your senses’ and ‘Used daily it hydrates your skin, helps fix your makeup, freshens and purifies.’ I will say that this definitely awakens your skin and does freshen it especially when you’re super dry. I struggle with dry skin and really needed something that was quick and easy to help reduce it.
  • This claims to help fix your makeup but I do find this a little too heavy for that. This does not spray lightly, it drenches your face but does indeed moisturize.


  • I especially love to use this at night to just refresh myself after a long day. I find it just perfect for that use.


  • If you’re looking for more of a setting spray then I would probably pass on this product but if you’re on the market for one that is going to revive your skin and give you that hydrated feel then this is your product!

It comes in a full size (10.1 fl.oz), a middle size (5 fl.oz), and a small size that’s (1.7 fl.oz). I have the middle bottle and it has lasted me for several months and I still have a quarter of the bottle left! So there are pros and cons to this product, for one it is a little pricy but it does leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and amazing!


  • So what is my final verdict? This stuff is awesome! I’m going to continue using it and it’s definitely a staple in my routine now!!

Have you tried it out? If so, what do you think about it? Let us know! Until next time!

WANT MORE?  Check out www.inkcosmetics.com!

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