Easy Party Decor Idea

With school already underway and homecoming creeping around the corner, I thought it was time to share some quick decor tips I used for my sisters graduation.


How to make a pinwheel decoration:
Recently my sister had a graduation party and I was put In charge of the photo booth. I had to come up with ideas on how to decorate this and I thought what better then the classic pinwheel design! So I got set to work on how to create one, I discovered ways to make them bigger or smaller and how to even add things to spice them up even more! So without further or do, here is how to make a pinwheel!


What you’ll need:

Stapler OR Tape

2 pieces of paper (if you want a bigger one then you can use however many you desire)

First, take the paper vertically and fold about 1 inch of the bottom of the paper up. Second, flip it to the back and grab the flap you just folded and repeat the same process. Next, do the same steps over until you reach the top of your paper. Now, take a staple or piece of tape( I used a stapler) and staple the middle together. The middle should now be tapered with two ends flaring out. After that, right where the staple or tape is, fold it in half it doesn’t matter which way. Then, take your tape or stapler and combine the two ends together leaving the other half of the pinwheel alone. It should look like this:


Now, you’re going to repeat this same process with your second piece of paper and create another one. Finally, we need to combine them. So you’re going to take the ends that we left alone and tape or staple them to each other like this:


This last step is optional but if the middle of your pinwheel is messy then u can put an embellishment or sticker in the middle like I did in this picture:


Now you’re done! This is what I used for most of the photo booth and combined with different sizes it turned out as a great backdrop! I hope you enjoy and until next time




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