New Leaf


I am pretty much an only child. My sister is 8 years older than I and has always done her own thing. As much as I’ve been alone I love being around the energy of others.

I love meeting new people but I’m never sure how to embrace a new friend or potential new friend.  Is it weird if I just text them randomly? Is exchanging numbers a sign of developing a new friendship or isn’t the polite thing to do? Have I missed opportunities to have a friend because I’m not really sure how to be a new friend!?

Then I realized that this year I’ve focused a lot of energy in what I don’t have in my relationships. I’ve focused on how they are not there, present or interested. I wanted to focus on the folks present and there. I truly wanted to find appreciation in those friends , but I was drawn to what was absent instead of what was present. I was caught up in all that was missing!

In doing so I failed both the true friendships and myself. I failed to be in a true place of appreciation. I may not be surrounded by a million people and I may have watched friendships change, but honestly I’m not lacking. My best friend recently left the area and I realized that, as much as I miss her she’s not my only friend!! I have some amazing people around me and it’s time to be more present for them. To remind them and let them know how important they are and appreciative I am for them!! Whether if these friends are near or far, if they are present; well I must be also.

It’s so easy to focus on what’s missing. To get caught up in the energy of what’s not there. To get stuck in what is not happening or present. To only recognize what’s wrong! However, there is so much in what is there, who is present, and I don’t want to miss out any longer!! There are so many things that are right in life, time to embrace that.

So, I’m turning over a new leaf on building myself up as a better and more present friend. I will be what I preach for others to be for me. I am not just going to talk about appreciation and dip my toe in it; I’m going to jump fully in in the pool and swim in it!

So cheers to a new leaf,

Until next time,


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