Starting a New Career After Air Force Retirement? Check this out…


So, what in the world am I going to do when I grow up? 😉 October 1st if my official #AirForce Retirement date.  I plan to have the actual ceremony on September 28th.  I am thinking of making it more of a celebration/party. You know, catered, with a band, etc.


As if you didn’t know, I am all about music, dancing, family, friends, and having fun.  Tomorrow is not promised and Lord knows I understand that.  Unfortunately, I have first hand experience with seeing pure evil and I am surrounded by death in my crime scene investigator / forensic science consultant job.  So, this is a time for celebration!

Okay, let’s get real! What am I going to do next? Let’s start by making a list of careers which interest me.

  1. Crime Scene Investigator (CSI) or Forensic Science Consultant (FSC) (Um, duh! 😉 LOL)
  2. Makeup Artist (Double duh, 😉 LOL)
  3. Interior Decorator/Home Stager
  4. Real Estate Agent
  5. Content Creator (social media marketing)
  6. Opening a coffee and cocktail lounge


Before I can make my final decision, I want to share some things that have come to mind in regards to surviving the process.

For all my soon to be Veterans:

I truly believe, the key to surviving the transition process is patience.  For one, I haven’t really called anyone by their first name in almost 21 years. This may become extremely frustrating for some of you to get used to in a new workplace.  Get over it! We have done our time and it is time to move forward.  This does not mean we should be disrespectful just mindful of our audience. It’s natural to feel somewhat lost or disoriented when starting our new job.

It will be important for you to make the effort to learn the company’s culture.  If you don’t know something, ask!  I am a firm believer in the #NoEgo concept.  Leave your ego at the door and work towards finding out what attributes you possess which could aid your new business or company.

Now my situation is slightly different, if I don’t get the opportunity to come back into the Air Force Office of Special Investigations ( #AFOSI ) as a civilian agent, my initial backup plan is to teach.


“Teach what” do you ask? Well, I consider myself a subject matter expert in criminal investigations and a forensic science consultant.  Ha, don’t be fooled by others who are trying to fill that billet.  I have over 21 years in law enforcement, 10 years with criminal investigations, and have consulted over 3,000 cases thus far.  I truly believe this career is my calling.  You must evaluate your own strengths and don’t be afraid to admit you are skilled in your craft.  There is a difference between being arrogant vs. confident.  My plan is to share my knowledge with other law enforcement officers.  I am currently working my promotional products for this now.

Playing well with others:

Be tactful when including your opinions.  Think before you speak and aim only to inspire, mentor, and educate.  Once your teammates see you have their best interest at hand…you’re in!

If you don’t choose to become self employed, you must tread lightly when entering uncharted territories.  Flexibility in the civilian workplace is essential! Be prepared to find yourself moving from office to office without your own desk or working closely with others in a “bullpen” style office space.  The civilian workplace is almost always different from a hierarchical military environment.

Your best bet is to quietly observe how others interact. Then, consider taking opportunities to work with colleagues who are willing to answer questions or discuss the reasons why things are done a certain way.  Also, think about talking to your friends and family members who are familiar with the civilian workplace.  They can provide a much needed perspective for your upcoming transition.

I will be touching more on transitioning in the weeks and months to come. I just wanted to get your wheels turning for now.  I would love to hear from you..

  1. What are your retirement plans?
  2. If you are already out in the workforce, what advice do you have for our Veterans?

Email me at

XOXO besos,

Anna Castillo 



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