10 Quick Fixes To Consider Before Selling Your Home!

When a home sits on the market for too long it loses appeal and can cost you money. Making some quick updates to your home can save time and bring in the buyers you need to seal a deal. Check this out! Continue reading

Home Office Makeover

TO DO: Get out your trash can and clean up! Throw out any unnecessary mail. Stack the important stuff for later. Clear off your desk. This means everything, then wipe it down with the appropriate cleaning products (wood – furniture … Continue reading

Hello 2015!

A BAD HABIT I’M GOING TO BREAK Vulgar language.  Sometimes my NY attitude can get in the way, not to mention being in a male dominated career field…the F-bomb is used as a comma in my sentences at times.  So, … Continue reading

Master Holiday Small Talk!

PARTY TIME!  Yes! Yes! Yes!  Fall/Winter is my favorite time of the year!  This means, food, family, fun, and parties!  So, to help lessen your social stress, I have compiled a short list to help you mingle like a pro! … Continue reading

Hodge Podge Decor

inkinsideout-anna castillo-decor-Hodge Podge Decor-June-2014

So, I am back in TX.  It’s been about 9 or 10 years since I was here last. What a long spring.  The military packed me up, delivered, and unpacked my home in what seemed to be an eternity.  This … Continue reading

A Dude’s Dining Room Do Over

What a complete hot mess! The above before pictures were of my bestie, JW’s dining room.  Let me tell you whoever painted his dining room red should be shot!  This color took so many coats of white I think I … Continue reading

And the Countdown Begins

Today movers came to estimate the weight of the items in my home.  A sad, but grateful day! Yes, the military is moving me again. This time for a new and exciting opportunity! My whole life I wanted nothing more than … Continue reading

Ethnic Treasures

I feel pretty lucky to live near our nation’s capital.  If you ever get a chance to visit, I highly recommend you venture out to some of the ethnic grocery stores.  You not only get to try something new, you … Continue reading

2014: Friends, Fashion, and Fun

ink inside out-anna castillo-Food and Drink-2014 Food, Fashion, and Fun-January 2014

Ahhh… F-words never looked so good!  2014 is starting off well.  Keeping me engaged and on my toes.  I am staying motivated, focused, and positive.  Tonight, we are having one of my favorite mother-daughter duo’s over for a peaceful, meditation, … Continue reading

Finding Your Quiet Place

inkinsideout-anna castillo-decor-Finding Your Quiet Place-Decor-December-2013

It is said that reading stimulates the brain.  It aids in creativity, builds your vocabulary, and can make someone more empathetic to the lives around them. The New Year is creeping around the corner and I have big changes coming. … Continue reading

Plaid Threads

ink inside out-anna castillo-Travel-Plaid Threads-December 2013

Earlier this week I headed back from Mom’s and couldn’t help but stop at JR Cigars on 67 JR Road, Selma, NC.  I saw signs for miles prior to it’s location and thought it was a great place to take … Continue reading

Christmas Decor on a Budget

ink inside out-anna castillo-decor-Christmas Decor on a Budget-December 2013

YEEAY!  December is finally here!  This is my all time favorite month! The month of giving, sharing and loving!  A celebration for all! As the cold winter creeps upon us, I sit and reflect on all my blessings.  I have … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Dinner Decor

ink inside out-anna castillo-Food and Drink-Thanksgiving Dinner Decor-November 2013

Every holiday season I host a feast for all those who were unable to go home.  Last year I chose to personally fund and feed over 150 of D.C.’s homeless.  With this week’s many obstacles, I was grateful my friend … Continue reading

Home away from Home

ink inside out-anna castillo-Decor-Home away from Home-September 2013

I love long weekend get aways! I love it more when I am able to entertain in my own home.  There is just something about making people feel wanted, cared for, and loved.  Whenever I think I might have a … Continue reading

Iris Apfel – INK Cosmetics Brand and Blog Inspiration!

inkinsideout-anna castillo-fashion and beauty-iris apfel ink cosmetics brand and blog inspiration-may-2013

We are right there with the lovely Iris Apfel!  She has been a fashion and lifestyle icon for years.  Her thought process on having fun with what you wear and being comfortable with who you are has inspired freedom of expression … Continue reading

Romantic Home Accents

inkinsideout-anna castillo-decor-romantic home accents-may-2013

Need a love life revamp?  I find if I love my space I exude love.  What better way to rekindle your romantic vibe than creating romance all over?  My bedroom is probably one of the most important rooms in my … Continue reading